Kumkum Pragya master plan Prachi Ranbir Maya twists

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya receives an enormous shocker

Kumkum Pragya master plan Prachi Ranbir Maya twists Ranbir and Prachi dance in the Holi party. They share a moment. Chobey and family arrive. Kohlis welcome them. Meera thinks of Abhi. Pragya meets Meera and asks her if she is missing someone. Meera behaves weird. Pragya tells that she can understand that Meera is in love. Meera doesn’t want anyone to know her feelings. Pragya tells her that those who understand love know it well. Meera asks about Pragya staying colourless on Holi. Pragya tells that she is missing her life partner and doesn’t celebrate Holi in his absence. Abhi goes to meet Meera.

He misses Pragya on seeing the Holi colours. He also feels the same that colours mean nothing when Pragya isn’t with him. Chobey tells Kohlis that the marriage will happen soon. He pays respect to Ranbir. Shahana and Prachi also act friendly and happy with Maya. Maya wants to play Holi with Ranbir. Ranbir asks Aryan to save him from Maya. He avoids Maya and runs away. Prachi understands that Maya is following Ranbir. She pushes Maya and makes her fall down. Prachi and Shahana taunt her and get rid of her. Ranbir is glad to see Prachi teaching a lesson to Maya. Maya overhears them and learns that Ranbir is cheating her.

Pragya tells Meera about Abhi’s joyful side. Meera tells her about Abhi’s calm and composed side, but charming. They both talk of Abhi. Abhi gets to hear Pragya’s voice. He goes to see Pragya. He misses to see Pragya. He asks Meera about Pragya. Meera isn’t aware that Anuradha is Pragya. She denies to know about Pragya. Abhi misses to see Pragya. Another hit and miss happens. Abhi sadly goes to meet Chobey. Pragya and Meera join the holi fun. Meera turns upset. She doesn’t know if she is right to love Abhi, she is hurt to see Abhi’s love for Pragya. She tells Pragya that she wants Abhi to be happy. Pragya tells that everyone has a right to love someone.

Maya tells Chobey that Prachi is trying to woo Ranbir since he is rich. She asks him not to forgive Prachi. Pragya learns Maya’s plans. She calls up Prachi to alert about Maya’s anger. She tells that Maya was speaking to her, they have to stop her and make her admit the truth. She gets an idea to make Maya confess the truth. She asks them to spike Maya’s drink so that she admits the truth. She asks Ranbir to trick Maya when Prachi records the confession. Abhi tells Vikram that he felt Pragya’s presence. Vikram doesn’t believe him.

Ranbir and Prachi try to think which drink to feed Maya and how. She tells him that Maya will never accept any drink from her hand. He tells his new plan to take Maya with him. Prachi doesn’t like his silly plans, since he always falls in trouble because of over smartness. Their banter goes on. Ranbir fools Maya’s mum and sends her to Chobey.


He takes Maya with him. He tells that he has to show her something. Sarita asks Pragya how is she so sensible and naughty at the same time, she is supporting Prachi well, she is the best mum. She asks why isn’t she playing Holi. Pragya refuses to her. Sarita asks her if she is missing her husband and wants to play holi only with him. Abhi is around, but Pragya is unaware of his presence. Abhi and Pragya get into a holi moment when they come face to face.

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