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Picture 9. Sonakshi's daring move to enter Sippy mansion and expose Nishi Sippy in order to save Naren's life by making a plan with Rohit to shift Naren to the hospital. Sonakshi succeeds in saving her father-in-law in the Holi sequence, just before the climax.

Kahaan Hum Adorable Starplus Best show climax twists Nishi exposes Sonakshi’s disguise and blames her for ruining their family happiness. Sonakshi calls Nishi a curse on the family. She accuses Nishi for harming Naren’s life. She tells that Rohit wasn’t recovering from supervirus since Nishi didn’t give him any antidote, she wanted him to die in his ill state. Sippys can’t believe this. Sonakshi tells that she had to come back to save Rohit’s life. Nishi handles the matter by asking Sonakshi to get evidence before blaming her.

She tells Veena that Sonakshi already told them that she cares nothing for Rohit, she has just got the trial done to become a great figure in front of media and fans. She tells that Sonakshi is really selfish and had her own motives behind her move. Veena asks Sonakshi not to break her family. She wants Sonakshi to stay away from Rohit. She feels Sonakshi cheated them. Sonakshi asks Naren to tell them that she is true and Nishi is wrong.

Naren tries to help her, but Nishi intervenes. She asks Sonakshi not to drag Naren in the matter. She intentionally exposes Veena’s crime to give another direction to the family drama. She tells them that Veena did right to kidnap Sonakshi. Sippys get another shocker. Rohit feels Sonakshi is really great to have hidden his mum’s crime. He confronts Veena for her crime. Veena apologizes to him since she had kidnapped Sonakshi, being helpless to see her son ruining himself. She tells him that she was much regretful for kidnapping Sonakshi and released her soon, but seeing Sonakshi’s real drama, she feels she has done right.

She blames Sonakshi for all the problems. Rohit can’t believe it. He can’t hear his family blaming Sonakshi again. Pooja tries to defend Sonakshi, and tells that Sonakshi saved Rohit’s life. Nishi stops Pooja. Rohit and Sonakshi play a drama. He fake insults Sonakshi and throws her out of the house. Nishi is aware of their drama. She wants to teach them a lesson by harming Naren. Nishi wants to kill Naren and then shock Ronakshi. Pari tells Sonakshi that she will be marrying Rohan. She laughs that Rohit ousted Sonakshi again and she lost. Sonakshi tells that Rohit is with her and she is doing everything for him.

She tells that Rohan isn’t loyal and deserving, he left Tanya and can cheat Pari as well. She asks Pari to secure her baby’s future herself, without depending on disloyal Rohan. Pari gets sad and thinks Sonakshi spoke the truth. Pari gets Tanya back to Sippy family. She apologizes to everyone after accepting her selfish intentions. She tells that she will not be after Rohan, who can’t be trusted. She promises to give her baby to Tanya. She asks Tanya to accept Rohan. Tanya makes Rohan out of his life, since he never loved her. Veena is proud of her decision.

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She feels Rohan has been wrong always, he has hurt many girls, he doesn’t deserve to be called a Sippy. She formally disowns him and ousts him from the house. She punishes Rohan for his immoral ways. She hugs Pari and Tanya and accepts them in the family as her daughters. Veena forgives Pari for her mistakes. Pari gets glad.

Meanwhile, Rohit apologizes to Sonakshi on his mum’s behalf. Sonakshi tells that she has forgiven Veena, since she is misled by Nishi and took this step for his sake. She tells that they have to stop Nishi from harming Naren and family. She tells him that she got a filmi idea and it will surely work. He tells her that he has sent Pooja to spy on Nishi. Pooja follows Nishi and finds her taking Sukhmani’s phone. She suspects that Nishi has installed the app in Sukhmani’s phone. She makes a plan and damages the phone by making it fall into water.

Nishi gets enraged with Pooja’s big blunder. Pooja acts innocent. Sukhmani stops Nishi from yelling on Pooja. Nishi rushes to get the phone repaired. She asks the repair guy to fix it right away. Yash also finds it weird that she is shouting for an old phone. Nishi doesn’t want him to interfere. Pooja informs Rohit about Nishi recovering the phone data. She asks him to just make a plan and save Naren. He tells that Sonakshi has already made the plan. He shows Naren in feminine disguise. He tells that Sonakshi is sure that this idea will work. He makes a leave with Naren, after calling Sonakshi home. Sonakshi and Pooja try to keep Nishi busy.

Sonakshi makes an entry with some people to celebrate Holi with Sippys. Everyone gets happy to celebrate with colours. Nishi gets more irritated. Ajit returns home. He is also helping Rohit and Sonakshi in their plan. Nishi wants to know about Rohit and Naren. She finds Rohit. She doesn’t see him taking Naren. Rohit rushes Naren to Sippy hospital and removes the compromised pacemaker. Sonakshi records Nishi’s crime confession and exposes her in front of the family. Nishi threatens to kill Naren. She tells Sonakshi that Naren is dead. Rohit and Sonakshi manage to save Naren from evil Nishi.

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Best comment by Ink:

Kahan Hum Kahan Tum is one of my favourite serial. Short and sweet with a brilliant ending. Please make more serials similar to this apart from rest of the other boring serials. Very straightforward and meaningful. Well done makers.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 5/5
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  1. this is the best tv serial I had ever watch and people like dipika kakkar are needed in this type of society please try to make season 2 of khkt it is my request to the maker of khkt

    • Please start of with KHKT season 2 asap. I would like the same cast and crew but except Nishi sippy’s character in it. If Nishi sippy’s character is there then it should be in the positive role… just a suggestion the director can change the time of KHKT with the same season and edit Nishi sippy’s character from the serial.. just due to Nishi sippy’s playing negative character in the serial the serial ratings have fallen and it is going off air

  2. Best show ever in ITV. So unique and fresh storyline. Hat’s off to the makers. Star Plus didn’t gave extension. So sweet, short amazing show. Love you Ronakshi?

  3. Pls.. Waiting for season 2. If serials like yeh rishta kya kehlata hai can run soo long..yak..why not a smart serial like kaha hum kaha tum?

  4. A wonderful show
    Will always be remembered….away from all daily soap nonsense
    RoNakshi and the cast has set the bar high
    Please come up season 2
    Earerling waiting


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