Beyhadh Shocker for Rudra Mrityunjay exposes Maya

Beyhadh Shocker for Rudra Mrityunjay exposes Maya

Beyhadh Shocker for Rudra Mrityunjay exposes Maya Antara shocks Mrityunjay by calling some guys home. She tells him that she wants to date one of them. He asks her to keep some class and call any supermodel if she wants to date. He scares the guys and makes them run away. He tells that none has courage to mess up with him. He tells her that she can’t scare him. Ananya asks Maya not to force her for eating the cupcakes. Maya feeds her the cupcakes angrily. She warns Ananya against coming between Rudra and her. Rudra reaches there and finds Ananya in tears.

Maya lies to him that Ananya ate his favorite cupcakes once again. Rudra asks her not to be so greedy for cupcakes. Maya tells Ananya that Rudra had torn her gifted pillow by initiating a pillow fight. Ananya understands how crazy Maya is. Mrityunjay doesn’t know how Maya has brainwashed Antara. He doesn’t want Maya and Antara to create any more drama. Antara thanks Maya for supporting her. She is happy to get against Mrityunjay. Maya warns her against Mrityunjay. Antara gets kidnapped by Maya’s aide. She makes Antara doubt Mrityunjay. Rudra is upset that he will not have his brother on Holi this time.

He misses Rishi. He wants to celebrate Holi with his family. Maya tells that she will accompany him, since its his family as well. Antara finds herself kidnapped. The goon misleads her that Mrityunjay is behind the kidnapping.

Aamir doesn’t think Maya will harm Rudra. Mrityunjay tells that Maya is using Rudra against him. Antara makes a storming entry home and accuses Mrityunjay for kidnapping her. Mrityunjay is innocent is this matter. He asks Antara if she is mad to accuse him. Aamir defends him. Antara tells Mrityunjay that she will tell everyone about his evil. They see the shocking news of Antara’s new boyfriend.

The news tags her characterless. Antara feels ashamed to be Mrityunjay’s wife. She tells him that he has defamed her to refuse for the alimony. Mrityunjay isn’t behind the news as well. He is shocked to see Maya’s level of attacks. Maya feels Antara got punished well, since she deserves it. She wants Antara to go through the same pain. Antara breaks down and is scared to face Rudra after the defamation. Mrityunjay wants her to understand that its Maya/Manvi’s plan. She finds it hard to face herself in the mirror. She sinks in depression.

Aamir asks Mrityunjay if he has done it. Mrityunjay tells him that he can never do this, he wanted to handle Antara but not in such a way that Rudra gets hurt. He tells that Maya has done everything by break Antara and his bonding. He calls up Maya and tells that he didn’t give up yet.

She asks him to accept defeat, since she is meant to win. Rudra is broken down after seeing Antara’s news. Maya tells him that they will go back home for the sake of Antara, who needs them. Rudra is thankful to her. Maya informs Mrityunjay that Rudra and she are coming back home. Rudra and Maya return home. Maya finds Mrityunjay missing. Rudra meets Antara to console her. She feels sorry to hurt him.

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya master plan against Maya

He feels sorry to leave her alone and not realize her pain. He tells that he will always support her. He tells that Maya explained him that his mum isn’t wrong. Maya hugs Antara and makes her emotional. She records Antara’s confession. Mrityunjay learns that Maya had killed Rishi. He threatens Maya to reveal her truth to Rudra and make him hate her. Rudra will be soon finding Maya’s truth and bitter past. Mrityunjay and Maya will be seen attempting to kill each other. Whom will Rudra support after knowing the truth? Keep reading.

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