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Barister Babu Anirudh loud defense for Bondita

Barister Babu Promo Upcoming Shakti Colors Top 2 Virat and Heer agree to Parmeet and Preeto’s condition. Virat swears on Preeto that he will not meet Heer until he becomes a police officer. While Heer swears on Preeto that she will not meet him until she gets a job. They trust their families. Preeto and Parmeet are both playing games with them. Later in the college, Virat signs I love you to Heer and signs her to meet him. Heer gets happy and dances, but thinks she can’t meet him because of swear. She writes a letter to Virat, in which she writes that she can’t meet him until their marriage.

Virat likes her idea of sharing her feelings through the letter. Preeto and Harak Singh meet Parmeet and Sant Baksh. Preeto tells Parmeet that they want to separate Virat and Heer. Parmeet says when they don’t want then they shall think of separating them altogether. Sant Baksh shows their picture to Harak Singh and tells that they are not keeping up their promise. Virat and Heer will soon know that their family is playing games with them and rebel. Harak doesn’t want another Harman and Soumya. He knows Sant Baksh will never accept Heer for Virat.

Barister Babu:

Anirudh wants Bondita’s Maa to accompany them for sure since its about Bondita’s wish. He believes in keeping his promise. He has promised Bondita that he will take her mum home. He doesn’t want Bondita to get upset. He treats her as his responsibility. Soon, they get into a beautiful friendship. He realizes that Bondita has misunderstood Saurabh and Sampoorna’s private moment. She wanted Saurabh to be punished for forcibly holding Sampoorna’s hand. Anirudh takes the task in his hand to explain Bondita about Saurabh’s touch likeable to Sampoorna.

He tells her that Sampoorna wasn’t displeased by Saurabh, her intention to go away was something else. He can’t explain Bondita about the romance between a couple. He explains her in an easy simple way that one whose touch doesn’t cause discomfort isn’t bad or wrong. Bondita understands that Sampoorna was herself willing to be with Saurabh. Anirudh doesn’t want Saurabh and Sampoorna’s relation to get wronged. He apologizes to them. He is also proud of Bondita for raising a voice against wrong. He wants to support her and give her wings to always voice her opinions.

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