Tujhse Raabta Mastani exposed Kalyani in grave danger

Tujhse Raabta Mastani exposed Kalyani in grave danger

Tujhse Raabta Mastani exposed Kalyani in grave danger Kalyani and Malhar are searching each other in lal gali, when some ladies come to Kalyani and try to kidnap her. Kalyani tells them she has baby in her stomach. They tie her mouth and hands and take her from there. Kalyani sees Malhar there, but couldn’t shout as she is tied. She tries to alert him.

Mastani Bai shows her burnt fingers to Malhar, when he asked for her/his finger prints. Aao Saheb’s life is in danger after she found out Atharv’s secret that he is Mastani Bai, regained his memory and taking revenge from Kalyani and Malhar.

Malhar tries to find out everything about Mastani. The man tells him that Mastani has recently came in the Lal gali and bought all the brothels in six months. Malhar asks how can this happen, what did she do that they are so scared of her. He wants to know Mastani’s truth. He gets a huge shock to know that Mastani is a criminal, harming his family. He wants to end Mastani’s game. He tries to find out Mastani and arrest her. Aao Saheb gets rescued by Malhar, when he was trying to target Mastani.

Aao Saheb gets freed in time and reveals to him that Mastani is Atharv in disguise, Atharv has come to take revenge. Malhar is shaken up by this unbelievable truth. Kalyani gets forced by the women to get Shuddikaran done. The women force her to marry a Kinnar. Kalyani falls helpless. Atharv enjoys her plight. He knows that none will believe Kalyani’s truth now, since she has herself shouted out every lie as truth on his orders. He wants to see how Malhar saves his lady love this time. How will Malhar reach Kalyani and save her? Keep reading.

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  1. I know malhar will save his wife and unborn child but I wish malhar and full family know all the truth about atharv and Kalyani pregnant with Malhar’s baby with ivf procedure


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