YRKKH Kaira daughter entry Upcoming new track

Kaira daughter entry Upcoming new track
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YRKKH Kaira daughter entry Upcoming new track Kartik and Naira take Gayu to the same hospital, where they has lost their daughter. Naira doesn’t enter the hospital and sits outside in the lawn. She cries on seeing some little girls playing. She thinks her daughter would have been their age if she survived. She misses her daughter, who would have brought much happiness in their lives. She falls weaker. Kartik finds Naira crying. He rushes to her and asks the reason.

She tells Kartik that like Kairav, even Kaira would have been their strength. Seeing the girl playing around, he understands what thought is bothering her. He asks her not to cry for what they lost and be happy for what they have. He consoles Naira and shares her pain. He tells her that their sorrow will subside when they get a daughter soon. There will be new twists with Kartik and Naira’s decision to adopt a girl. Kartik will find out the truth that his daughter is alive, he was misled about her death by the nurse Leena. Kartik and Naira will begin their search for their daughter.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara get into an argument. He clears to Zara that he doesn’t love her. He asks her to stop loving him and stop searching the same feelings in his heart. He asks her to think of her future. He wants to stop her madness. He tells that she will soon get married. Zara asks him not to deny the truth, he has to come out of the darkness. She asks if he doesn’t respect her feelings. She wants Kabeer to at least give her a chance. Kabeer warns her against compelling him for a relation. Later, Ruksar misleads Kabeer and locks him up.

Ruksar wants to get Zara’s accident done. She wants to keep Kabeer away. She doesn’t want Kabeer to save Zara. She thinks like old Zara, even this Zara will be dying and going away from Kabeer. Kabeer gets trapped by Ruksar. How will he save Zara’s life?

Kumkum Kundali Upcoming Surprising twists Zee5

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Amber informs Nia that Guneet Sikkha and Baawra Mann, both are one. Nia gets surprised and says you both were talking to each other via chat and you both didn’t know about each other. Amber says neither she had put her display image nor I had. Nia laughs and says Guneet Sikkha. Amber asks her to laugh on him. Pammi gets doubtful about Amber’s sudden good change. Guneet says Amber ji helped you and you are doubting him. Pammi asks her to think whose car and driver it was. Guneet says Amber arranged everything, she will find out the reason for his changed behavior.

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