Kundali Upcoming Kumkum Tonight frustrating twists

Kundali Upcoming Kumkum Tonight frustrating twists

Kundali Upcoming Kumkum Tonight frustrating twists Abhi and Pragya’s never ending hits and miss continue to add up frustrating and dull moments in the track. Pragya goes to meet Abhi and Vikram on Pallavi’s insistence. Abhi and Vikram are much drunk and fall asleep. Pallavi tries hard to wake up Vikram so that he can meet Pragya. Pragya asks her to let them sleep, she will meet them some other way. Vikram asks Pallavi to go, he won’t get up. Abhi hears Pragya’s voice and reacts. He wakes up and shouts Pragya, after she leaves from the room. They get into never meet zone.

On the other hand, Prachi wants to tell Pragya about Ranbir’s love confession. She thinks if Ranbir really meant his words, since he was drunk. She also knows that he would just speak the truth in the intoxicated state. She gets confused over accepting Ranbir’s proposal or not.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta and Shrishti return home with pale and sad faces after Karan fumes on Preeta and blames her for harming Mahesh. They didn’t expect Karan to change sides once again. Karan doesn’t know what is happening that its always Preeta around Mahesh when the latter gets hurt. Rishabh tries to explain that Preeta is innocent. Sarla finds her daughters upset and asks them the matter. Shrishti reveals the new ugly blame on Preeta posed by Luthra family. She tells Sarla that Karan also accused Preeta. Sarla gets shattered once again.

She tells them that if they dare go to meet Luthras, then they shall find her dead. She ties them in a promise that they will not keep any contact with Luthras. Preeta sheds tears that she lost Karan once again. Kareena warns Rakhi and Rishabh against helping Preeta. She tells that Preeta has always brought bad fate for them. She reminds Karan that Aroras are unlucky for them and he had married Preeta just for the sake of revenge. She doesn’t want Karan to fall into Preeta’s tear trap. She tells them that Karan shouldn’t help Preeta this time. Sherlyn and Mahira feel they have conquered. Does Karan really not believe Preeta or playing a drama to catch the real culprit? Keep reading.

Best comment by Saira:
No story in Kundali Bhagya same thing repeating and sherlyn seems to be pregnant for last two years utter rubbish.


  1. What the hell is going on..why always shraddha Arya to be accused when the ruhi and swati kapoor are going to be identified as evils…this was a bullshit story… lagging and lagging always innocent preeta is going to be blamed for every thing… atleast now find the right culprit

  2. Ya sure nonsense type personality as the karan luthra always use to trust on eye witness not anymore
    Stupidity stupidity stupidity to watch show
    As sherlin is pregnant since from a year ago and marriage track with mahira takes 3 months more than that only

  3. Full rubbish and nonsense always Preeta get caught. Now again Mahesh out from coma again in hospital Mahira and Sheryln enjoy. Only God knows when this serial going to end.

  4. Common guys, we understand its all a drama but there has to be little real life issues as well. Biggest mock is sherlyns pregnancy. She’s stuck at the 3rd month it seems and whenever Sherlyn or mahira or prithvi talk about their misdeeds, no one hears them. Wow. Please end this serial now.

  5. Repeating same story……. Nothing is interesting..dont want to watch it anymore. I think they dont have story thats why they r repeating same thing.

  6. There is no more Story left in this track.Kill Mahesh and the Story can end there. They are keeping him alive as an excuse to drag and pull on the story. Or else it is a dead serial. The ONLY improvement in this serial is the number of Villans have jumped from two—Prithvi and Sherlyn to three now, that is Mahira, adding more misery and Confusion to the serial

  7. what a stupid show? always preeta blamed by luthras…and again mahesh luthragone into comma what a rubbish public are not stupid who watch this show .plz finish this show beciz it was now to disgusting…

  8. All rubbish why always preeta has to face in trouble and Sherlyn and Mahira are the culprit please expose them now sherlyn is pregnant nobody knows about that and Kareena always pulls her leg in all the matters
    Please let Mahesh luthra come out of all the trauma and reveal the truth infront of the whole family

  9. Actually karan deserves mahira and he should marry her….preeta deserves a better person than karan … Always leaving preeta in difficult time..and when karan would marry mahira after sometime he would realise that mahira was with sherlien in all her stupidity…and would sit in a corner and cry for not believing preeta..

  10. We all need to stop watch this because this show is going totally stupid all over again.sheryln an this little bitch mirah plans always working nobody sees there wrong! and nobody picks up for preeta. Jus like how much they insult preeta wen they accused her of killing mirah dat hoe home wreaking bitch. Preeta gotta be dotish to go back wit dat fool karan

    • I think Karan is playing game but must sarla daughters suffer all the tyme before u know shrithi will die for preeta… Is dis not what is happening to pragya….. Another fashion of tanu – pragya, now preeta – mahira, writer must kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya suffer same fate?
      Is ur country that corrupt that it is only bad people that win… Stop dis rubbish story line
      And when we pragya stop bending down and abhi will pass, so couples of our many years will see d back view or even front view of their spouse and dey won’t recognize each other, and even the body smell of ur spouse…. We re not nursery school pikin….. Wake wakie frm ur dull stories.

  11. This is a vicious cycle. I am sick of it. Poor Preeta. Pragya never gets to meet Abhi and she didn’t learn anything from loosing her first child. Prachi could get kill and then she will tell Abhi that she was his daughter.

  12. Really it’s bad from last two year same thing are repeat again & again karan never be trust on preeta which is really bad Serial me accha sa twist bhi nahi aa raha hai preeta are always be crying

  13. I strongly believe the lives of both the producer and director of kundali Bhagya are full of negativity. I don’t think they’ve ever seen joy in their lives that’s why they enjoy to project evils more than good. The series is a reflection of their lives. Rubbish! What good lesson has this series taught anyone?

  14. How does this show make it to #1, when it’s pure rubbish. ZEE need to pull this show and Kum kum bagya from their channel. Same story repeat over and over again. How many times will Abhi and Pragya play cat and mouse. The think all fans are dumb, sorry without fans your show is flop

  15. Stop watching Kumkum bhagya years ago now this torture kundali bhagya does the producer think public is stupid. I urge people to stop watching this show so the producer will wake up

  16. Kundali Bhagya is an amazing serial but I think there needs to be a twist where the youngest Luthra sister enters who has been studying for a long time and is now a doctor. Who would have proof against Sherlyn and Mahira and who would bring Preeta back into Karan’s life. She would also bring Prithvi’s truth in front of everyone.

  17. Kundali bhagya is an amazing serial but I think it requires a twist now. I was thinking maybe there could be a younger Luthra sister who is a doctor. She would be able to help Mahesh with Preeta and also bring Preeta back into Karan’s life. She would also have proof against Sherlyn, Mahira and Prithvi. She will also make everyone realize that Preeta is innocent and was helping them and not trying to cause any harm.

  18. Pls end this show. Utter rubbish Sherlyn is still pregnant for a year. How well done writers. Everyone is blind folded against preeta. Guys pls pack up

  19. Anita from Toronto
    Common guys nonsense nonsense. Preeta always get the bad look. If you guys don’t expose those 2 witches . Your show will be flop. Karan needs to see more clearly. And Rishab needs to be with preeta..karena needs to change her blue eye liner lol

  20. Please change the story of kundali bhagya same thing is repeating TRP gir jayega yaar public is getting bored do something

  21. All stupidity showing in serial always Preeta is in trouble where actually she is innocent. Sherlyn is pregnant yet not shown utter rubbish, it’s too much now expose all 3 culprits in front of the whole family n let Mahesh come out of coma reveal the truth in front of all. If you can’t change the story than pls stop this serial . We are no more interested in watching this kind of bakwas.

  22. Same storY everytime I think I should stop watching this serial because ekta mam doesn’t have any new villian that’s why shryln always get succesful in her plan…


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