Kumkum Aaliya cunning plan Spoilers lined

Kumkum Aaliya cunning plan Spoilers lined

Kumkum Aaliya cunning plan Spoilers lined Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari Gudiya asks Radhe to let her act as monkey for 10 more days. Radhe agrees. Gudiya enjoys her monkey acts. A guy Vishal comes to see Gudiya with his mother. His mother tells Radhe that she brought her son’s alliance for Gudiya. Radhe, Pappu and Sweety get happy. Radhe tells Pappu that he won’t let this chance go away from his hands. He takes Gudiya to the terrace and gives her swear to come down in her normal avatar/clothing, removing the monkey costume and make up. Gudiya agrees to him and comes down wearing her usual clothes. Vishal likes Gudiya and asks his mother to ask Radhe about his alliance with Gudiya. Gudiya smiles seeing him.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan: Happu brings Commissioner Resham Pal to Rajjo who sits as Goddess Chimti Devi. Resham lal tells Rajjo to do something and tells that he can’t walk properly. She gives him something to eat with the Chimta. He eats it and gets up fine and fit. Amma and Happu get surprised and wonder how this has become possible.

Kahat Hanuman: Devraj Indra tells Maruti that he has come here not to fight with him, but to complete the incomplete work, says he came to destroy him. He throws an arrow on Maruti and he falls down injured. Vayudev gets angry and tells that his son is struggling for his life and that’s why all the universe has to bear the pain. He stops the air and everyone gets breathless. Kesari, Anjani and others faint and fall down.

Kumkum Aaliya cunning plan Prachi checks her mobile and finds the video and the memory card missing from her mobile. She tells Ranbir, Sarita and others that she is feeling that someone made her fall deliberately and that she didn’t fall accidentally. She says that when she fell down, her phone fell down from her hand and went far for 1-2 minutes, but she found her phone.

She says only for less time, she was not having her mobile. Ranbir tells that whoever has made Prachi fall down, took out the memory card from her phone. Aaliya gets tensed. Aryan looks at her and doubts on her as he saw her standing on the place where phone fell. Aaliya decides to help Maya so that Rhea can get Ranbir. Her cunning act brings more hurdles for Ranbir and Prachi.



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