Kundali third class shockers Karan Preeta repeat decision

Kundali third class shockers Karan Preeta repeat decision

Kundali third class shockers Karan Preeta repeat decision Karan doesn’t want to marry Mahira until Mahesh gets fine. Kareena tells him that they shall keep the marriage for Mahesh’s sake. She regrets that the family doesn’t have same thinking now, they don’t agree on same thing, Preeta will play with their feelings if they don’t keep the marriage soon. Rishabh is shell shocked. Kareena asks Karan to save them from Preeta by marrying Mahira.

She asks Karan to accept her decision. Mahira tells Karan that they shall marry to stop Preeta from coming back in their lives. She acts that she will always support his decision. Karan gets mad to agree for the marriage. Rishabh doesn’t know what is Karan thinking and why is he ruining his life this way. He gets annoyed and goes away seeing the family’s insane move.

Preeta and Shrishti wake up on finding someone at the window. They think if Karan has come to meet them. She learns about Sameer. She tells that the window got stuck and he has to come from the main door. Sameer meets them and informs about Karan and Mahira’s marriage. He shares the emotional blackmail on Karan, how Kareena convinced Karan for marrying Mahira. Preeta feels shattered on getting the news of her husband’s marriage. She thinks its high time that she turns sensible and chooses her esteem over love.

She tells that she is completely okay with Karan’s decision, he may marry if he wants to. Sarla wakes up on hearing a sound. She goes to see what’s happening. Sameer tells Shrishti that they must make a plan and stop the marriage, Mahira is also evil like Shrishti, Mahira shouldn’t come in Luthra family. Shrishti tells him that they can’t do anything, Preeta is always insulted by Luthras. She tells that they came to help Karan today, but fell into trouble. Sameer asks her to explain Preeta once. Sarla overhears them.

She scolds Shrishti for supporting Luthras who are responsible for Preeta’s tears. Sarla doesn’t think Luthras deserve Preeta. She asks Shrishti not to let Sameer into their house. Shrishti tells that Sameer is supporting them. Sarla asks him to tell the family that Sherlyn, Mahira and Kareena are wrong. She dares him. She feels he has no courage to raise his voice. She vents her anger on Sameer. She doubts that Sameer is again planning something and is sent by Luthras. She tells that she even discard their apology. Sameer tells Sarla that he came to inform about Karan and Mahira’s marriage. Sarla tells that Preeta can’t bear more sorrow.

She asks Sameer if he thinks Preeta is made to tolerate humiliaton and sorrow. She wants to protect Preeta. He faces Sarla’s wrath. Sameer tells her that if Preeta stops the marriage, then it will save Karan’s life. Sarla tells him that Preeta will not come to stop the marriage. She knows Sherlyn and Mahira are wrong for the family. She asks him not to brainwash Preeta to do his work, Preeta will be thrown out of the house if she dares to stop the marriage. Sameer feels sorry for Aroras. Preeta sends him away.

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She pacifies Sarla by acting normal like before. She tells that she isn’t affected by the news. Preeta had acted to not care about Karan’s marriage even before. She still sticks to her words. Sarla wants Preeta to be strong. She shares Preeta’s sorrow. She asks Preeta to forget her good values and just move on. Preeta decides to start a new life for the sake of her family’s happiness.

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Best comment by Lakshmi Anand:

Karan is a mindless twerp who believes everything. He can’t make a decision to save his life. Bigamy is OK. No sweat. Preeta has no self respect. A spineless cry baby. Sherlyn, Punnu baby & Mahira get all the lucky breaks.


  1. Can you please stop this nonsense. Like seriously how can karan marry mahira when he loves preeta. Sometimes I wonder when the truth will come out what will happen to kareena who blindly trust mahira and sherlyn. Why does kareena think that she can only take the decisions. First rishabh sacrificed his love just because of this bua and now karan is doing the same thing. Luthra don’t deserve preeta. And karan knows that sherlyn is an evil personality then why is he trusting her. Rishabh and preeta should be couple not karan and preeta. Rishabh still believes preeta. Like seriously itna pyaar. He deserves preeta more than karan

  2. This stupid show must get canceled. Its utter rubbish. Same thing over and over again. I mean its irritating. The same women gets blamed all the time. Really! Its enough to make one go mad. Bring better shows that are sensible.

  3. I am fed up watching this shit… how can karan marry miraha wen he’s still married to preeta. These people are stupid the wrighter an the director

  4. Kareena only talk about middle cast but the middle cast have better thinking and attitude not like those two rats she choses middle cast are human India is full of prides with low cast and middle cast

  5. Total shit.same type of story/ situations going on nothing constructive,worth watching.what message they want to deliver for viewers.Both the shows,Kum Kum bhaghya & kundli bhaghya should go off air.nothing new in it.show some meaningful good shows,that will entertain viewers & give some message for the betterment of the society.

  6. The most stupid shows that I have come across. I am from SA and loved these serials but not any longer. I now watch Star Plus and Colours which is much better. Please stop these shows going on, we are intelligent and can not tolerate this Kundali and Khum Kum shows. Boring, Boring.

  7. Karan is such a Duffer and Preeta the Scapegoat. This Seial should be renamed Villans Bhagya not Kundali Bhagya as it has been made only for the 3 Villans—–Prithivi, Sherlyn and the newly joined unnecessary Villain Mahira

  8. These shows should be ended.now.getting irritating day by day.Same thing is repeating in both shows,Karan is married.He is ready to marry Mahira and not even think about atleast divorce.Karan ke sath pair banana hi nhi chahiye.Risabh is better,Sharlyn, Mahira ki Roz wahi saazishein ab bahut irritate karti hain.
    Same Kumkum me repeat ho rha hai.Aaliya karti
    rhti hai ..kabhi bhipakdi nhi jati.Itne mahino se Abhi
    Pragya mil rhe hain but abhi tak unhe apni betiyanpata hi chali…..so irritating

  9. कुमकुम भाग्य और कुंडली भाग्य के बारे यही कहना चाहूंगा कि निर्माता, निर्देशक, लेखक अपराधी किस्म के हैं, सिरियल के शुरू से लेकर अब तक अपराध को ही बढ़ावा देते आ रहे हैं।इन दोनों सिरियल को देखने से समाज में अपराधिक प्रवृति बढ़ रही है। कोई शिक्षाप्रद बात नहीं है। बस षड्यंत्र ही षड्यंत्र, अपराध ही अपराध का बढ़ावा दिखाया जा रहा है। और ऊपर से शर्लिन जो वर्षों से गर्भवती है,अब तक तो दो तीन बच्चे पैदा हो चुके होते और अभी तक तो पेट भी नहीं दिखाया। करीना बुआ तानाशाह,उसको गलत बातों को गलत कहने वाला परिवार में कोई नहीं। एकदम बोर, फिजुल समय और पैसा बर्बाद करने वाले सिरियल हैं।बंद कर देने चाहिए।

  10. It is now the turn of the Director, Producer, Writers and Makers of both these 2 Serials—-kumkum and Kundali to feel ashamed and sorry to make such Lousy, frustrating, boring silly, irritating and repetitive serials. These people are not even ashamed after reading the Reviews and Comments that the Daily Viewers and Public are writing as they are not bothered. So it is best for Zee TV to stop the Serials and Transmissions of both these serials if they don’t improve their stories soon


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