Barister Babu Bondita Anirudh to begin a revolution

Barister Babu Anirudh loud defense for Bondita

Barister Babu Bondita Anirudh to begin a revolution Bondita finds it wrong that the men at the ghat come before time and compel the women to leave, when there is still time left for the women to wash their clothes and have a bath at the ghat. Bondita tells Sampoorna that she will not tolerate the wrong, the men are making fun of the women and hindering their privacy intentionally.

She tells that now she will see if the men are also bothered by their privacy break out and feel shy without their clothing. The men get shocked to see their clothes kept far under some tree. They spot Bondita running away. They get to reach their clothes and dress up. They decide to meet Trilochan and reveal Bondita’s misdeed, since no woman has even dared to trouble the men this way before.

They meet Trilochan and tell him that Bondita has taken away their clothes to trouble them. They ask Trilochan to punish her for the bad action, since she can’t disrespect them. The men feel superior than women. They don’t want anyone to talk about equality. Bondita is summoned by Trilochan. Anirudh learns the matter about Bondita’s misdeed and calls it a mischief. He doesn’t want anyone to scold a kid, without knowing the reason for her actions.

He asks Bondita if she has really run away with the clothes. Bondita accepts that she has done this just to teach a lesson to the men, who were troubling the women intentionally. She tells Anirudh that men and women should be equal, if women can’t take men’s place in the society, then even men can’t take women’s place in the society. She asks him if its right to insult the women and hurt their sentiments.

She projects a thinking to get rights for the women, which surprises Anirudh, since she is just a kid, but holds a broad thinking, unlike the villagers. Anirudh supports her strong opinion and is proud by her move to teach a lesson to rigid men. Trilochan finds Anirudh and his wife totally crazy, since both want to bring a change in the society.

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  1. Very good teach them lesson shld not dare to trouble women n thinks women’s are helpless love u anirudh n Bondita keep rocking


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