Kumkum Kundali Top Hitting conspiracies on lovers

Kumkum Kundali Top Hitting conspiracies on lovers

Kumkum Kundali Top Hitting conspiracies on lovers Maya asks Ranbir and Prachi not to stand close, like they are a couple. She tells that she gets angry on seeing them together. She asks since when are they dating each other. She wants to know from Prachi if she loves Ranbir. Prachi shockingly refuses to love Ranbir. Ranbir doesn’t want Prachi to fail his plan.

He asks Prachi to lie to lie to Maya. Maya is much shocked when Prachi denies to have any love relation with Ranbir. Ranbir doesn’t lose and pretends lovey dovey with Prachi. He also keeps the act subtle so that Prachi doesn’t feel offended. On the other hand, Abhi and Pragya miss each other dearly and reminisce the good memories of their bond. They wish Kiara was with them.

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YRKKH Kaira disturbing revelation

Kundali Bhagya:

Mahira accepts her crime. She tells Preeta that she is mad for Karan, she loves him and can do anything for him. She tells that she can give her life for Karan and can take someone’s life as well. Preeta doubts her and asks if she has pushed Mahira down the stairs to kill him. She tells that this isn’t love for Karan, but her obsession. Mahira tells her that she has already attempted to kill Mahesh, she has pushed him down the stairs, he didn’t die and slipped in coma again. She tells that she regrets that he is alive, he is still breathing.

She tells Preeta that she knows none can harm her, she can do anything with Luthras. She declares her evil intentions and asks Preeta if she can expose the truth. She is sure that none can catch her now, she will be getting married to Karan on the same day and then become Mrs. Mahira Karan Luthra. Preeta is shocked to know Mahira’s evil. She didn’t know Mahira will stoop so low like Sherlyn. Karan isn’t aware of Mahira’s truth. Will Karan find out Mahira’s truth by his unexpected planning with Preeta? Keep reading.


  1. The writer has forgotten the past episodes of Kumdali Bhagya.. when Karan supported Preeta and had full faith that she cant push Maahira, and now He believes she pushed his father.. gosh…give us a break…please.he is such a confused character.. doesn’t know what he wants, ready to marry someone else just for revenge sake, how good a player he is then .
    Knowing Sheryln in and out he now trusts her… seriously??? Both Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya is a DRAG…

  2. This is the only series where the heroes have no guts to do anything… be is Sameer who runs to the females for help always, be is Rishabh and Karan…the most confused character..Both Kundali Bhagya and Kumkum Bhagya is a DRAG…

  3. I agree with Elizabeth, sameer is a waste character, he has no guts to face Kareena/ Mahira or Sherlyn. Rishab and Karan should know inspiting of putting blame to Preeta and came clean chit, again they are believing Sherlyn. As a elder son of Rakhi Rishab should be bold enough to talk so that everyone become speechless. For heaven sake please wind up the serial.

  4. To. Much drama and vindictiveness get someone else to play karan he’s a jackass to believe bad things about preeta Sheryln mahira get rid of them for how long will they bullshit stories lies deceitful go on in this serial

  5. Oh dear God I wish they would put an end to this storyline as much as I like the characters in it, Mahira and sherlyn are two of the best actors on The Story So Far because they keep coming up with Different Twist and preeta is a crybaby and shristi act more mature than preeta. And I wish if the writers would make rakhi have more say in her son’s life than Karina, because it seems that she has more power then everyone in the household and now that Ramona’s mom is in the picture she has gained the same amount of power as Karina and that is not right

  6. Gosh I love the actors in this show but it getting to ridiculous now I fedup see the blame game for Preeta it not going no way

  7. Kundali bhagya is spreading so much of negativity about life everyone is so stupid and fools in this drama ekta kapoor please cut the crap and give some excitement to it

  8. Please stop this negativity cant see anymore a positive character cant blame so many times from starting seeing the same story. Atleast some of the evil plans can be exposed. Its not possible to win all the time.

  9. I feel the show is being dragged with preeta as a blame receiver and it is full of negativity, atleast at some point they should show some positivity to the lead characters.

  10. Dear writer of Khundali/Kukum Bhagya series. Please,can you CUT THE CRAP???.
    This is no longer a show but a stupid display of your shallow mindedness.
    You’ll lose viewers than gain them this way…..except,of course,you’ll have a few viewers as shallow minded as yourself…..Jeeezzz!!!


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