Starplus Kaira Goenka Rishta interesting meet lined

Starplus Kaira Goenka Rishta interesting meet lined

Starplus Kaira Goenka Rishta interesting meet lined Kartik finally learns the truth about his daughter. Kartik and Naira wanted to name their daughter Kaira and had many dreams for her. The truth from the past comes out by the twist of destiny. Kartik didn’t know that he will be knowing this truth in this way when he takes Gayu to the city hospital for her check up. Kartik fears to tell Naira about their daughter Kaira, knowing about the background where she is grown.

He wants to bring Kaira home and give her the best life. Kartik forgives Leela who has accepted her crime that she had given away his daughter to someone for money. Kartik wants to break the big good news to Goenkas. He gets information about the person who has taken Kaira away. Kaira’s entry into the Goenka house will begin a new track with interesting twists about her adjustments into the rich household. Goenkas will be seen welcome the little girl Kaira Goenka into the family. Who would be Kartik and Naira’s enemy, snatching Kaira from them? Keep reading.

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Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani learns that Malhar has got her baby aborted. She tells him that she will not have any relation with him, their relation is completely over. She blames him for killing their child and breaking his promise. He tells her that he has no other way. He hugs her and consoles. Malhar is much shocked when she tells him that she will not live with him. She goes away from his life. He reaches a village to find Kalyani. He learns about the kidnapped girls. He rescues them. He rescues the girls by breaking the newly built wall. He doesn’t find Kalyani.



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