Rishtey Abir shocking split Mishti left distressed

Rishtey Abir shocking split Mishti left distressed

Rishtey Abir shocking split Mishti left distressed Abir and Kunal inform Nanu that their prank has worked against them. Abir tells Nanu that he wanted to surprise Mishti and Kuhu, and bring them together, but they have taken it otherwise. Kunal wants to know if Meenakshi is fine. Meenakshi looks for Kunal to talk to him about the new project. Abir tells Kunal that Meenakshi believes in staying happy and doesn’t care for anyone. Nanu tells them that Meenakshi is waiting for them at home, but they shouldn’t come back.

He asks them to stay at the resort and romance their wives on their honeymoon. He asks his grandsons not to spoil his name by acting old. He tells them that they should make the most of their time. Abir and Kunal thank Nanu for the tips. Nanu tells Parul that Abir and Kunal have gone to a resort to spend time with their wives. He asks Parul not to be scared of Meenakshi, and not tell her anything.

He tells Parul that Kunal shouldn’t come back for Meenakshi’s sake. He is sure that Abir won’t care for Meenakshi’s summon. He doesn’t want Meenakshi to know anything. Parul promises him that she won’t tell anything to Meenakshi. Meenakshi overhears them and tries to find out what is Parul hiding. Parul lies to her. This angers Meenakshi, who insults Parul by showing her place. She asks Parul to just do her work as the house help. She tells that she will be handling Kunal’s matter.

Parul gets upset and knows that Meenakshi is insulting her intentionally in anger. Mishti and Kuhu learn that just Abir’s room is ready, but Kunal’s room will be ready in few hours due to the current guests not checking out. Mishti asks Kuhu to come along with her. They come across a girl Charmi, who is much stressed for her terrible engagement outfit. Kuhu decides to spread her Kuhuness and help Charmi. Mishti thinks Kuhu won’t be able to handle the matter alone, maybe she misleads Charmi by some silliness. She also goes along with Charmi to help. Abir and Kunal have taken Charmi’s help to convince their wives.

Abir tells Kunal that they will be performing in the engagement and make it a super event. Kunal tells that Charmi is helping them, but they shouldn’t cause any trouble for her. Abir tells that nothing will go wrong. Meenakshi has brainwashed Kaushal and Nidhi. Kaushal still believes in Parul, while Nidhi gets against Parul. Nidhi thinks Parul will get against the family for the sake of securing Kunal’s future. Kaushal doesn’t think so. She asks him not to upset Meenakshi. Nanu asks Kaushal to inform Abir about Meenakshi finding Kunal. He wants Abir to keep Kunal from Meenakshi’s calls. Kaushal sends the alerting message to Meenakshi.

He tells Nanu about his blunder. Mishti and Kuhu help Charmi and enjoy the engagement. Abir and Kunal surprise their wives by putting up a mind blowing dance performance. Mishti and Kuhu also join the fun. There are romantic moments between Mishbir and Kuku. Nanu and Kaushal try to get Meenakshi’s phone and delete the message.

Ketki deletes the message. Meenakshi tells that she has to speak to Kunal urgently. She awaits Kunal. Ketki tells Nanu that she understood their purpose and already deleted the message. Nanu feels proud of her, when she tells that she has alerted Abir as well. Abir finds Mishti getting away due to her annoyance. Abir and Mishti offer help to Kunal and Kuhu, when the latter doesn’t get a room for stay. Kunal tells that he will return home, Abir and Mishti can enjoy their stay at the resort. Abir tells Kunal that Mishti and he will adjust at the pool side. He makes sure that Kunal and Kuhu stay back.

Kundali third class shockers twists coming

Abir clears Mishti’s misunderstanding about Charmi. They have a cute fight. Mishbir’s romance gets missing due to their fights around Kuhu. Abir doesn’t want Mishti to shout for justice and be tagged as a housebreaker Bahu. He asks Mishti to keep a big heart and forgive Kuhu’s mistakes. He is fed up of Mishti and Kuhu’s clashes. Meenakshi tracks her sons, and learns that they both are at the resort. Meenakshi thinks to go there and get them home. She then learns that Abir and Kunal are returning. Abir tells Mishti that he will first prefer Kunal over everything. He makes a leave from the resort, after a fight with Mishti.

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  1. Abir is proving to be Meenakshi’s son.., he’s hell bent upon proving his mom right by only fighting with Mishti.. does he care for Mishti’s respect. Kuhu is crossing all limits to insult Mishti & Abir is siding Kuhu.., doesn’t make sense to cover up mistakes & let the insulted person bear the insults one after the other with no complaints… u can’t keep a family happy together when there’s no respect for each other..

  2. Abir ka character bilkul change kr diya Abir hmesha galat k khilaf hota tha or ab khud galat ka hi sath de rha h Abir mishti ko bar bar hurt krta h wo mishti ko minakshi se compare kr rha h this is wrong Abir kuhu ki galtiyo ko ignore kr rha h or uska bachpana bol rha h lekin usko nhi pta uski is bacchi ne 2 bar mishti ko hurt krne ki koshish ki h or Abir kuhu ki glti tb smjhega jb kuhu k karan mishti ki jaan pr bn jayegi abir kb ye realize krega ki wo mishti k sath bhut bura behaviour kr rha h Abir ne shafi se phle or bad me mishti se bhut vaade kiye h ki hmesha uska sath dega milkar sari problems solve krenge,ghar ko jod kr rkhenge or b bhut vade kiye h kha gye Abir k vade kya wo ase mishti ka sath dega usko resort me akela chhod kr chla gya ye shi nhi kiya Abur ne uska bhai ghar ja rha h to wo ghar jayega to what about his wife mishti ase wo ghar ko jod kr to rkh lega lekin mishti ka kya hoga kya wo uski family me nhi aati plz makers purane abir ko vapis lao ye mishbir ka strong pyar hi is show ki neenv h plz mishbir ka phle wala pyar or sath vapis dikhao hme mishbir ka whi phle wala pyar unka romance or unka ek dusre ko support krte dekhna h i love mishbir world’s most cute and romantic couple forever mishbir plz inki jodi khrab mt kro

  3. we want mishbir means misti and abir they are strong together just because of kuhu they are always fighting doesnt make any sense we want the love birds again

  4. I totally agree… Abir is proving as good for nothing…after marriage. As always a weak personality who gets emotional wen it comes to family ..n doing all blunders. What kind of love of his for Mishti . Disrespectful towards her n trying to cover up kuhu’s mistake everytime. She isn’t a kid…anymore. doing all evil things n having all ill feeling.. In her heart ..she deserves a reality check which Mishti wants to give her.

  5. Abir misthi pyar karhe huye acche lag the hai him unke pyar bara romantic pal aur pyar ke thank ke sath meenu ke har chal ko math dethe huye dekhna chahthe hai please mishbir ko math ladaye


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