Kundali Preeta harsh stunned Mahesh accident truth out

Kundali Preeta harsh stunned Mahesh accident truth out

Kundali Preeta harsh stunned Mahesh accident truth out Mahira tells Preeta that she wanted Luthras to take a strong stand against Preeta and lied to everyone. Preeta wants to know Mahira’s desperate measures. She asks her not to hurt Karan. She tells that Karan won’t marry her willingly. Mahira enjoys the sight of her jealousy. She tells that Karan has chosen her for the marriage.

Preeta feels Mahira has compelled Karan by her drama. Mahira tells that she likes Karan and got him. Preeta asks Mahira if she has harmed Mahesh. Mahira tells that Mahesh could have stopped the marriage, but now he is out of the way. She tells that she madly loves Karan and can do anything to get him. Preeta asks her if she can kill anyone, her obsession can make her do anything.

Mahira admits that she can kill anyone for Karan’s sake, she has pushed down Mahesh from the stairs. Preeta is much shocked. Mahira asks her not to suspect her, and get certain. She openly declares that she has pushed Mahesh down the stairs, none from Luthra family knows this and Preeta got the blame easily. She gets on cloud nine that Karan is marrying her. Shrishti overhears Mahira’s confession. She fails to record anything.

Elsewhere, Kritika goes to find Mahira. She comes across Sarla and Janki. She apologizes. Sarla asks Kritika not to cheat them by acting sweet. Kritika feels sorry for Aroras. She looks for Mahira. Preeta cries for Mahesh, who slipped in coma once again. She reprimands Mahira for harming Karan’s dad Mahesh. Mahira tells her that she didn’t do this alone, Sherlyn has helped her in doing this crime. Preeta realizes that Sherlyn and Mahira are evil harming the Luthras.

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Mahira tells Preeta that she will tell the complete story to her. She tells Preeta that she saw Sherlyn pushing Mahesh down. She tells that Mahesh was getting saved, he got a hope that she will save him, but then he got a big shock to see her deadly truth. She tells that she has broken Mahesh’s hopes and threw him down the stairs. She feels joyful that she has finally won to get Karan in her life. Preeta feels Mahira is really disgusting. She wants to expose Sherlyn and Mahira’s truth.

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  1. What is the essence of mahira confession when the Luthra wont believe Preeta if she tells them? I think it is time these wicked acts stop.
    Kindly introduce a new twist to your story, wrong DO NOT ve be to right at all time .

  2. This picture shows that evil always prevail over good. No sense never ending non nonsensical story. Sherlyn is making an elephant the longest pregnancy in history. Time to stop this stupidness. Not interesting again

  3. Sick of watching t same thing again and again.please introduce something new.i think karan doesn’t deserve preeta.get her married to Rishab instead aS he always supports her.

  4. Get Preeta married to Rishabh, Sherlyn and Mahira should be imprisoned for life or hanged, don’t like Karan for Preeta, he is spineless and an idiot who can’t stand up to his parents, it’s time for all this evil to end, bring Mahesh back in the picture to everyone the truth.

  5. It’s becoming boring now , let the truth come out,, it’s better Rishab marries Preeta , and Karan remains alone with his pride… We are tired of the evil deeds, let good now triumph over evil..

  6. It is so annoying that the spooks Mahira and Sherlyn always win. The Luthra family know that The spooks lied about Preeta pushing Mahira into the truck but still believe them when they say she pushed Mahesh down the stairs.
    This series is becoming boring and predictable as well. 🙈🙈🙈

  7. This series is becoming boring and predictable as well. 🙈🙈🙈 What happened to the truth always prevails, looks like all Zee World Series have the same storyline with different characters.
    Be different and give us something to enjoy .


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