Starplus Kasautii New Milestone Sneha Prerna coming

Starplus Kasautii New Milestone Sneha Prerna coming

Starplus Kasautii New Milestone for Prerna coming next Komolika vents out her anger over the past with Prerna. She is content with the way she has managed to get rid of Prerna. She feels victorious that she has not only compelled Anurag to push Prerna down the bridge, but also stolen Prerna’s daughter. She thinks Prerna couldn’t cherish motherhood. She tells that she doesn’t spare her enemies, she is wise enough to throw out Prerna from their lives.

Moreover, She reveals that she didn’t think to kill the new born baby, but it was her fate that the baby became a victim of the fire incident. She thinks the baby was unlucky and didn’t get any support from Anupre’s fate. She tells that its good that the baby died on her own, else she would have committed the sin of killing her too. She tells that Prerna can never take her revenge on her, she has no proof about the daughter.

She thinks Prerna and Anurag’s love connection broke forever. She recalls the past that she had handed over the baby to nurse Chandrika. On the other hand, Prerna recalls the day she lost her daughter. She cries for her daughter’s loss. She gets emotional and comes across her daughter Sneha, raised by Chandrika. Sneha calls Chandrika as Maasi. She is a happy soul and enjoys her life. She makes a balloon for her best friend Naina. Prerna gets the balloon and meets Sneha, who claims the balloon. Sneha then talks to her and finds her sweet. She asks Prerna to keep the balloon if she likes it. She speaks to Prerna and develops an instant liking.

She tells that she will make a fresh balloon for Naina. Prerna asks Sneha why is she roaming alone. Sneha tells that she runs a decoration stall with her Maasi. Prerna tells that she can buy the balloon to own it. Sneha doesn’t want Prerna to pay for it. She wishes Prerna and goes away. Prerna feels emotionally attached to Sneha. She thinks what’s their connection. She asks Sneha about her age. Sneha tells that she is eight years old. Prerna misses her daughter. She feels sorrowful. Meanwhile, Komolika doesn’t leave any stone upturned in humiliating Nivedita.

She boasts of Ronit’s success. She asks Nivedita to learn business from Ronit. She gives a chef hat to Nivedita and makes her wear it. She tells that Nivedita to manage the kitchen. Nivedita follows her orders. Komolika drops the tea. Komolika insults Nivedita further by making her clean the floor. She asks Nivedita to keep the house clean and also manage cooking duties. She wants to take revenge on Nivedita. She doesn’t think Nivedita deserves any better treatment. Later, Prerna meets the municipality officer Sudeep and asks him to grand the permission for conversion of her acquired residential plot to partly commercial plot.

He tells her that Anurag is his good friend, but he isn’t biased towards him, he will favor the person whose proposal is better. She asks him to tell the special thing in Anurag’s project. He tells her that the project is Anurag’s dream. He asks her to give one strong reason for him to support her project. Prerna emotionally tells the strength of her project, which is a housing and employment dream for many people.


Prerna tells that Anurag would be making a huge mall and luxury flats for the rich people, but she would like to make homes and job opportunities for middle class people. She tells that her project will cater the needs and necessities, while Anurag’s project is for profit making. He is impressed by her. He grants her the required permissions.

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