Rishtey New Twists Starplus Mishbir romance Upcoming

Rishtey New Twists Starplus Mishbir romance Upcoming

Rishtey New Twists Starplus Mishbir romance Upcoming Nanu and Kaushal manage to inform Abir about Meenakshi tracking them. Abir and Kunal try to impress their wives. Kuhu wants to romance Kunal. Kunal is busy with his work meeting on call. Abir and Mishti give away their room to Kuhu and Kunal and show big understanding. Abir tells Mishti that they will stay at the pool side and enjoy their private time. He plans a cute moment with Mishti.

Kuhu wants to talk to Kunal. She asks him why is he busy on his laptop, why can’t he give her some time. She tells him that she will not tolerate if he stays busy all the time. Kunal tells her that he has to talk to Uma Patel and talk to her about the project. Kunal asks Kuhu to stop bothering him. She takes the phone to make a video. She tells that she has come on a honeymoon trip.

She wants to make a selfie video with Kunal and asks him to show some excitement. Kunal asks her to give him some time until he ends his work. Kunal’s behavipr upsets her. She wanted to have a lovey dovey talk with him and have a perfect romance like the couples on their honeymoon. She gets frustrated and talks to herself in the mirror. She tells that its no use to expect romance from boring and workaholic Kunal. She thinks being angry won’t help her either. She wants to fight for her rights.

She wants to raise her voice and demand her rights by talking to Kunal. She thinks her honeymoon can’t be boring.She cherishes the good memories of Kunal and her marriage and first night. She gets happily smiling. Meanwhile, Meenakshi feels insecure that Kunal is just valuing Parul. She thinks if Kunal doesn’t want to regard her as mum now. She is much hurt to lose her place to Parul.

She tells that Parul can’t snatch Kunal and her rights. She wants to do something to get Abir and Kunal back. She tracks them and finds them at the resort. Elsewhere, Varsha buys Gangaur gifts for Mishti and Kuhu. She thinks if she should talk to Parul, since Parul is Kunal’s real mum.

She tells that Meenakshi would feel insecure if they call up Parul for a talk. She asks Rajshri what should they do. Rajshri tells her that Meenakshi and Parul are mothers, they both love their children, now the truth is out and Meenakshi won’t feel bad if they pay respect to Parul. Varsha tells her that she will talk to Parul then. Rajshri hopes Meenakshi and Parul’s relations get better.

She tells Varsha that Mishti and Kuhu stepped in Rajvansh household and helped Kunal give rights to Parul. She asks Varsha to be assured, Mishti and Kuhu will bring a good change in the household. Varsha doesn’t think Mishti and Kuhu should challenge Meenakshi by bringing any change. She is happy that their family keeps relations with transparency. Rajshri also thinks that Meenakshi should have told the truth to them before, since the truth has hurt them by breaking out in this way. She feels Mishti and Kuhu will strengthen the family. She asks Varsha to trust her upbringing. Later, Abir and Mishti set up the woods for the bonfire. They light up the fire and spend romantic time.

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