Kundali Last Episode Preeta Karan love track off air

Zee TV confirms airing of prime time Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Last Episode Preeta Karan love track off air Mahira confesses the truth that she had hurt Mahesh to kill him. Preeta raises hand to slap her. Mahira threatens to kill her. Shrishti intervenes to protect Preeta. She tells that Mahira has made a big mistake by confessing her crime, her evil truth will come out very soon. Preeta and Shrishti decide to bring out Mahira’s truth. Mahira thinks Preeta is joking, she can’t do anything now.

She asks Preeta how will she go to Luthra house, what is her plan to expose her in front of everyone. She tells Preeta that she will assure everyone that Preeta is at fault. She tells that Luthras hate her now. She tells Preeta that she won’t let anyone come between Karan and her. She threatens to kill everyone who comes in her way to get her love. She admits that Sherlyn and she had to attempt to kill Mahesh to save themselves. Shrishti feels Mahira is worse than Sherlyn. She wants to expose Mahira and stop her from becoming Luthras bahu.

She tells that Mahira is so wicked that she will ruin Luthras after the marriage. Mahira doesn’t think that anyone will listen to Preeta and Shrishti. She calls them ill fated. Preeta asks Mahira to stop talking about fate. She is ready to bear Luthras’ hatred. She scolds Mahira for cheating Karan and his family. Mahira tells them that her marriage is due in some hours. She asks them not to keep her busy for more time. She wants to go home and relieve the family from tension. Mahira tells Preeta that Aroras have fallen down in Luthras’ sight.

When Shrishti shouts on Mahira, the latter slaps her with a warning. She feels she has closed Preeta’s chapter in Karan’s life. She is happy and wants to celebrate her new story beginning in Karan’s life. She tells Preeta that she will share Karan’s marriage videos with her. She asks Preeta to see her husband’s marriage happening. She makes a leave from Aroras’ house.

Later, Kritika returns home and tells the family that Mahira isn’t at the temple. Kareena tells Karan and Rishabh that Preeta is behind Mahira’s kidnapping. She tells them that Preeta had come to be part of their Holi just to ruin their happiness. She feels Preeta has pushed Mahesh down the stairs and now kidnapped Mahira. She tells that Preeta doesn’t want Karan to marry Mahira or anyone else. She tells that someone from their family is informing Preeta. Sherlyn enjoys the sight of Rishabh sinking in sorrow due to his helplessness. She thinks its good that Kareena is in her favor. Luthras get worried for Mahira.

Sherlyn tells Kareena that Preeta doesn’t want the marriage to happen. She wonders where did Preeta take Mahira. She tells that Preeta can do anything wrong with Mahira and put her life in risk. Mahira returns home and relieves the family tension. Sherlyn asks Mahira to tell them if Preeta had kidnapped her and hurt her.

She wants Mahira to tell about Preeta’s misdeed. Karan wants Mahira to answer them about her absence. Sherlyn doesn’t want Karan to calm down. She fills hatred in their minds against Preeta. Mahira tells Karan that she got a call from someone who called her on Karan’s behalf.

She lies that she had gone to the restaurant to meet Karan and then received Preeta’s call. The story goes round and round once again, when Preeta gets blamed. Mahira tells Karan that Preeta told her that this time she won’t fail in stopping the marriage. She lies that Preeta was going to kill her. She tells that she had ran to save her life from Preeta. Kareena gets too angry that Karan and Rishabh always bring back Preeta in the house. She tells them that Mahira had been attacked by Preeta before as well.

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She wants to know why Preeta is against them. She calls for security to ease out things in the marriage function. Sherlyn feels proud of Mahira’s drama. Kareena tells the security that Preeta and Shrishti shouldn’t come inside the house. She wants the family to be safe. She declares that Preeta shouldn’t enter the house at at any cost. Kareena tells that the marriage will happen on the same day. Karan gets into a fix.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. Fed up with this same repeated drama. Karan, preeta,sherlyn and mahira no need to struggle much with the expression in the story, bcoz story is always repeating..

  2. This show as well as kumkum bhagya is very boring. There is no real story anymore. Nothing gets resolved and it goes on and on. Too boring.

  3. Wow,it’s about time.
    I actually am happy both series are off the screens am just happy to be watching Lies of the heart like the actor’s and the writer knows what message he sent out there.
    Jhoda and Akbar is also interesting, I am eager to see how the storyline would as time goes on just pray to God that it’s not the of Ektar Kapoor’s boring dialogue of villians always winning and getting away with their crimes. Please do not disappoint the people watching your series

  4. Will really miss the show.
    Was really enjoying it.
    Hope that Preetha and Karan get married and have kids.
    No more fighting

  5. Please writers, let Mahesh tell them the truth about sherlyn. This story line is taking tooo…. longgg……
    Getting fed up.

  6. Ekta making fool people’s like us who still watch her same style episode as this Ekta sick in her mind to story round and round.
    If she never change her this attitude,one day will come her all drama audience will boycott.

  7. Make it to watch as family episode. Stop repeating revenge story because now it’s make boaring. Soon bring end now and open Sherlyn and Mahira’s dirty drama. Karen’s father Mahesh Luthara has to come from coma and tell all story. Don’t pull too much that audience stop to watch this show.

  8. This is so disturbing sherlyn never get caught and preeta is always being blamed which Karan and his family believed and never cared to find out the true so boarding.

  9. It’s going in loops and on one track
    They always show negativity
    Isn’t there enough in the world
    There can be other problems to show
    I’m only watching coz of the Jodi’s
    Like kumkum bhagya too

  10. When will the zee5 series be aired again i dnt think that it ends like this the story lines have not been completed its like reading a novel with no end

  11. They’re making this story always with the same thing over and over . The luthras always blaming Preet and her family . This’s really getting boring because just imagine Karan and preeta are married but they’re not together due to Sherlyn , Mahira and Kareena come on producers. Let the story be normal for once .

  12. Thank God it is now off the air! It was sickening to see Ekta Kapoor portraying evil always wins. I hope this time off will give her time to re-think and re-write the story line.

  13. Was enjoying both Kum kum bhagya and kundali bhagya….looking forward to seeing both serials come back…ASAP…..PLEASE
    !!!!!!!!!!.also it’s time that Abhi and pragya meet and live together……and Mahira and sherlyn get thrown out of the house….
    Had enough of the negativeh

  14. Drama is getting bored because of the repeated diplomatic relations again and again. By the way this is not right to blame only one person like preeta … She was blamed to ba a culprit always.. when everything will be sorted out because I’ve got bore and now am not looking forward to watch this serial anymore … it’s no more interesting now … Only you guys wanted to cross upto thousand episode and want to celebrate with you own as you have done with kumkum Bhagya .. quite boring serials both of them… ?? I hate this kind of serial which keep them stretched more ,more and more … You guys keep on stretching and we are moving towards our own works inspite of wasting our precious time on this meaning less serial..??? it’s like screaming in my ears like a war…


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