Abhay Piya Vampire Diaries Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani

Abhay Piya Vampire Diaries Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani

Abhay Piya Vampire Diaries Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani Piya meets Misha in the college. They get ragged by Tanushree and then turn into friends. Misha doesn’t like Kabir to trouble her. Tanushree has a crush on Kabir. Kabir likes the new girl in the college, Piya for her simplicity. Piya tells Misha that everything gets fine if something wrong happens before it. She asks Misha to be positive. She likes the sight of snowfall and runs to experience its pleasantness.

Misha and Piya get hit by Abhay, and fail to see his face. Piya finds the same stranger, disappearing into the darkness. Misha and Piya attend the class. They have some fun moments with Kabir spreading a laughter. Piya finds Kabir an interesting person to meet. Piya introduces herself to the class. She gets criticized by Tanushree. The class teacher condemns Tanushree’s ill behavior.

She praises Pia for winning the full scholarship and getting the admission in the college on the sole basis of her talents. She is proud to have Piya in the college. Piya settles in the hostel room. She gets troubled by the inmates. Misha warns Piya to be careful of those girls. Kabir, Misha, Tanushree and Piya go for abseiling sport. Misha and Tanushree get into an argument. Kabir flirts with Piya, and grows Tanushree jealous. Piya’s rope suddenly breaks. She gets rescued by a stranger, appearing dark yet angelic to her.

Piya and vampire Abhay’s lives get connected. Abhay rescues her again, being her shadow of protection. They get into a moment, while Piya is busy in knowing his identity. Abhay disappears before Kabir and gang find him. Piya and Abhay’s love story soon begins. He makes a grand entry in Mount College and stuns everyone by his hot looks and killer attitude. Piya gets drawn towards Abhay, while he tries to push her away from his life. He doesn’t want Piya to learn his real identity.

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  1. I’m in love with this show, this show was aired when i was in seventh grade and i eagarly waited the whole day to watch the episodes, now also sometimes i rewatch it multiple times, all the memories of my childhood makes me so happy, this was the no. 1 show at that time really miss those days ❤❤❤

  2. I would love to see this remake with same lead actor and actress… i miss this show…. no one supernatural show doing good compared to pkyek show… and the pkyek couple stilled in our mind and heart…. ❤

  3. Next season please. For years I have been waiting for this please. Im hoping that this story will soon start . Piya and abhay. This series gave me the good vibebor interest of college, deradhun, lovestories.fashion.

  4. i have been waiting for this show…
    piya and abhay real soulmates,lovely couple….i wana see u guys again…. plz start this show again.?
    misha, tracker……??


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