YRKKH Monday Update Starplus Kartik Naira surprise

YRKKH Monday Update Starplus Kartik Naira surprise

YRKKH Monday Update Starplus Kartik Naira surprising return Kartik and Naira’s romance moments will be airing back again with a good news coming for Kaira fans. The show may start the airing of the new episodes once again starting 1st April 2020. Kaira is missed for many reasons. Firstly, their sweet romantic scenes which are always the best part of the show.

Kartik and Naira give the most perfect romance scene to their fans in the last aired episode of the show. The show has been shouldering the channel well last week by airing the long episodes of one hour. Kartik proves that he can’t stop himself from falling for Naira again and again, not just because of her beauty, but also because of her charming lover’s personality.

Naira never fails to surprise him with her stunning looks, charming smile and romance gestures. Kartik’s life isn’t less than a hero leading a romance parade. The last episode of the show brought many such moments of Kaira romance for their fans to watch it during the Covid-19 break. The news for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai lovers is surprising.

The channel may bring back only the leading hit show of the best Jodi, Kaira to keep the audience entertained with fresh episodes, along with the old repeat telecast episodes of popular shows like Siya Ka Ram, etc. How willing are you to watch the fresh episodes of your favorite YRKKH?

Due to Covid-19 situation, the show’s fresh updates had stopped last week. We will try to collect any upcoming news and provide to you to balance out the shows abrupt closure. You may still find the upcoming news on the website. Comment below if you find any alternate content interesting or willing to read on Tellyreviews.

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