Barrister Babu New drama Colors Bondita in dilemma

Barrister Babu Update Colors Bondita shameful speech

Barrister Babu New drama Colors Bondita in dilemma Saudamini offers support to Bondita and pretends to be caring, friendly and genuine. Bondita tells her that its tough to be with Anirudh, who always shocks by his decisions. She tells that Anirudh isn’t letting him drink much water to cure her problem. Saudamini further jokes on her. She indirectly scares her of the society learning her problem and mocking her.

She tells that Batuk will take revenge on her by telling her problem to everyone. Bondita tells that she doesn’t like it when anyone laughs. She asks if Batuk will like it if he was in her place. Saudamini tells that Batuk dislikes her, he is very naughty and would tell the same to his friends.

She is sure that Bondita will come in her words. She is angered that Anirudh has hurt her ego by stopping Bondita home. Bondita doesn’t want anyone to insult her. She tells Saudamini that her mum will have a solution to her problem, Anirudh can’t help her. Saudamini tells her that she can help her in going to her mum. She reveals about Anirudh and Binoy’s challenge. She asks Bondita to make Anirudh lose the challenge, which will make him send her to her mum’s place. Bondita doesn’t think that she should intentionally lie or hurt people by her behavior.

She tells that she feels shame after she wets the bed unknowingly. She tells that she trusts her Pari Didi. Saudamini hides her secrets and lies to her about Binoy and her plan. She makes sure that Bondita gets tricked by her. She asks Bondita to be assured, she will help her in going to her village even if Anirudh doesn’t listen. She works hard to convince Bondita to leave. She knows Anirudh doesn’t like to lose, he will hate Bondita knowing she has intentionally made him lose.

Bondita denies to hurt the family intentionally. She tells that she will never trouble anyone. She wants to adapt a different way, worshipping and fulfilling her prayers. Saudamini turns annoyed when the little girl acts smart and goes against her. Saudamini vents anger on the widowed maid. Meanwhile, Trilochan tries a different way to cure Bondita’s problem. He wants Bondita to keep a secret from Anirudh. He asks her to get rid of her problem by wearing the Baba’s remedy. Bondita angers him by questioning further. Trilochan asks her if she wants to stay with them or not, if she wants to get rid of her problem or continue to feel ashamed.

He asks her to stop her useless arguments and focus on her problem. He shocks her by showing the pointed knife tied to the string. Bondita gets hurt by the sharp knife. She asks if its necessary to do this. Trilochan feels bad that she is being hurt, but he believes the remedy will solve her problem. Binoy doesn’t want Trilochan to solve her problem, which will make Anirudh win the challenge. He doesn’t think she is their responsibility.

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Trilochan tells him that he has accepted Bondita as his Bahu, he wants to solve her problem since he can’t see his Bahu getting disgraced. Binoy wants Anirudh to lose the challenge and send the girl to her mum’s place. Trilochan tells him that he is also doing this for family’s betterment, the puja ceremony will be successful. He wants Binoy to accept Bondita, since he wishes Anirudh to win always. Binoy doesn’t think Bondita is his Bahu. He tells that she is just a disgrace for him and he will surely get rid of her, even if he has to ensure Anirudh’s failure.

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