Yeh Un Dinon First Anniversary Unexpected Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon First Anniversary Unexpected Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon First Anniversary Unexpected Sameer Naina Sameer and Naina think if its right to lie and meet each other. Sameer feels guilty. She tells that they are lying to fulfill their dreams, its not wrong to lie that he isn’t married, since he has to make his career. She tells him that she has fallen after his handsome looks. He tells that he has fallen in love after getting trapped in her sweet words.

He promises her that they will soon have a house in Mumbai and they will have their nameplate. She asks him to take everything positively. He tells her that they have to make sure that they have good contacts. Sameer and Naina celebrate their anniversary by romancing. The song disturbs the neighbor lady, who asks them to not celebrate publicly. The lady tells them that its their wish to keep their relation private or not.

Sameer and Naina get stuck in the odd situation. They couldn’t romance. Naina’s dad Pankaj wants to give them privacy. He tells them that he is going to the temple for bhajan. He gives an opportunity to Sameer to make the day special for Naina. Sameer and Naina try to make their day special by doing something unusual. Sameer wishes Naina and gifts her chocolates. Naina gets intoxicated and dances on a filmi song for Sameer.

Moreover, Sameer puts her to sleep. He laughs at her cute antics. His love story doesn’t get simple. He ponders over his love story and laughs at himself. He feels Naina is an achievement for him. Sameer tells that something had to happen on their first anniversary as well, since their life was never smooth. He reminisces the journey with Naina, and feels happy in the moment. Sameer and Naina’s first anniversary is spent unexpectedly.

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