IPKKND Starplus Lavanya mysterious entry for Arnav

IPKKND Starplus Lavanya mysterious entry for Arnav

IPKKND Starplus Lavanya mysterious entry for Arnav Khushi wants to meet Shyam without informing Bua ji. Manorama acts smart and gets rid of Nani. Payal tries to keep Bua ji busy in the market. She gets worried when she sees Khushi around. Shyam and Khushi meet in the market and get spotted by Bua ji. Payal alerts Khushi to hide. Khushi tries to hide, but in vain. Bua ji asks Payal what is Khushi doing with the guy. She doesn’t know Shyam.

Luckily, she doesn’t catch Khushi. Manorama wants to buy some jewellery in Nani’s absence. Nani and Anjai return home and get to see Manorama’s shopping. Nani doesn’t think that Manorama needs to shop for jewellery often. Shyam bonds with Khushi. He asks her why is she not looking at peace. He surprises her by giving the job appointment letter. She gets too happy with the thought of her revenge dream turning true. He tells her that he will explain her about the job.

Khushi gets delighted and thanks him. Nani reprimands Manorama for lying to her and making excuses to avoid the Satsang. She punishes Manorama, who creates a scene. Nani and Anjali take the matter to Arnav, who supports Manorama and gifts her a necklace. Bua ji misses to see the letter. Khushi and Payal make excuses. They come up with an emotional drama. Bua ji, Payal and Khushi get into a super dramatic mode. Khushi tells a sobbing story and melts Bua ji’s heart. Payal also plays along. Bua ji gets worried and imagines poverty striking them. Khushi wants to convince Bua ji for doing a job. Bua ji doesn’t want Khushi to go anywhere.

Bua ji wants Shashi and Garima to know the matter and allow Khushi for the job. Shashi doesn’t think that Khushi needs any job, but wants to know if she is herself willing to do the job. He then hears Khushi’s justification and allows her to do the job, if she thinks she is right. Khushi wants to keep her self-esteem. She doesn’t want him to snatch the chance from her, when she wants to explain someone that she can also keep her esteem. She asks Shashi if he trusts her. He tells her that he trusts her, he will explain Garima and will handle even her Bua ji. He asks her to join the job. She gets thankful to him.

Garima doesn’t want Khushi to take a chance. Garima misses her daughters at home. Khushi gets emotional and makes jalebis. Payal asks her to not cry, when everyone has agreed for the job. Khushi is tensed that she may not be able to work well. She tells that she had many dreams of marriage, but its because of Arnav that she is helpless to do a job. Khushi and Payal shed tears after a funny scene. Khushi asks Payal not to worry, they will always be together. Payal doesn’t want Khushi to lose. The sisters have an emotional moment. Shyam starts falling in love with Khushi. He meets her at the temple, just before her job joining day.

Shyam thinks she is talking to him, while she talks to the Goddess. Shyam wants to be with her. He has been in love with her since the very first day he had seen her. She gets surprised to meet him again. Shyam tells her that he doesn’t work at the same office, he has just worked out on the offer by speaking to her friend. He asks her not to get any tension, he will keep meeting her. He wants to be stress free. Khushi misses the job appointment letter at the temple. She reaches the place for the job and gets confused.

The man asks for the appointment letter, which isn’t in her purse. She checks the entire purse and tells the man that she doesn’t have the letter. She fears that she will lose the job opportunity. The man asks her to go to the main office and get the job appointment letter again. Arnav meets his friend Lavanya, about whom Nani gets curious.

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