Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Kalpi Raghav love story Revisited

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Kalpi Raghav love story Revisited

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Kalpi Raghav love story Revisited The story follows the lives of Kalpana aka Kalpi and Raghav Singhania. Kalpi is Kamla Jadhav’s daughter. Kamla happens to work as a maid while her husband Vitthal is a mill worker. Kamla has many dreams for her daughter. She works hard all day just to give a good living to Kalpi.

She becomes an example of selfless love and dedication for Kalpi. The family stays happy. Kalpi loves Kamla a lot and yearns for her attention. Kamla stays busy in her job, which is to look after Kapoor family. She is Pakhi Kapoor’s caretaker. Kamla gives all her attention to Pakhi, which makes Kalpi upset.

Raghav enters Kalpi’s life. He is indebted to Kamla for saving him from the Kapoors. He knows the truth that Kapoors are behind his dad’s death. He wants to avenge his dad’s death by marrying Pakhi. He is a rich and successful businessman, who falls in love with Kalpi’s simplicity. He fears to commit to her, because of his revenge motives. Kalpi too falls in love with Raghav. They get helpless to their heart and plan to get married. Shockingly, he marries Pakhi, only for the sake of his mother, who wants revenge on Kapoors via Pakhi.

He then fulfills his promise of love to Kalpi. They head to the temple and get married secretly. Raghav doesn’t want to abandon his love. Pakhi learns about their marriage and kidnaps Kalpi in a rage. Raghav soon learns about Kalpi’s location and strives to save her life. Raghav and Kalpi meet with an accident, and then get separated for a brief time. Kalpi falls into the river and gets her face damaged post accident.

Dil hi Toh Hai Episode 1

She gets a new face with the plastic surgery done. Kalpi loses her memory. She gets Suhana Diwan’s face and also gets accepted as Suhana by a humble man Dhiraj Diwan, who happens to be her savior. She doesn’t remember anything about her past. She starts believing that she is Suhana. Later, when she gets engaged to Aryan, she starts recollecting memories about Raghav. Kalpi and Raghav have a union after she regains her memory.


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