Kundali Lockdown twists Karan Preeta static battle

Kundali Lockdown twists Karan Preeta static battle

Kundali Lockdown twists Karan Preeta static battle Preeta and Aroras fall in Prithvi’s trap. Sarla gets so humiliated by Luthras always that she thinks Preeta needs to get married at the earliest to get saved from the accusations.

She finds Prithvi the best guy for Preeta and soon fixes the alliance. She compels Preeta to accept the alliance by an emotional blackmail moment. Preeta gives up on her liking for Karan for the sake of Sarla’s true emotions, believing that Sarla’s decision will never be wrong for her. Prithvi is then revealed to be Sherlyn’s boyfriend. His engagement gets fixed with Preeta, which irks Sherlyn as well.

Sherlyn stays assured by Prithvi that the engagement is just happening for her sake, so that he can make Preeta out of Rishabh’s life. Karan and Rishabh tend to dislike Prithvi, realizing he isn’t a good person. They soon learn that Prithvi is going to marry Preeta. Karan feels restless to become a part of Preeta’s engagement. Karan and Preeta try to get evidences against Sherlyn. Karan also tries to make her realize that Prithvi isn’t the right guy for her. Rishabh also tries to explain the same to Sarla.

Karan puts much efforts to stop Rishabh’s marriage with Sherlyn, but fails to stop it from happening. The marriage eventually happens. Rishabh gets trapped in a wrong marriage with Sherlyn, unknown to her evil truth, that she is behind Mahesh’s accident. Karan gets revengeful at Preeta by believing the accusations against her. He also regrets the fact that he couldn’t save Rishabh’s life. Karan later plans his revenge by a groom swap in Preeta’s wedding.

After a prolonged sequence, Karan swaps Prithvi in the mandap and takes the groom’s place, to marry Preeta. Karan marries her by making many love vows and convincing Sarla that he would keep Preeta happy. He then humiliates Preeta and abandons her, believing that she has joined hands with Sherlyn for the sake of money. Karan betrays her badly and breaks her heart. This news comes as a major shock for Rishabh, who really cares for Preeta and has blind faith on her.

Then and now, nothing has changed in Karan and Preeta’s lives. Sherlyn is still there with her conspiracies, Prithvi is still there, appearing sometimes to support Sherlyn, and now even Mahira has been an add on to trouble Preeta. Preeta’s life has become worse from bad. The problems stay the same, with no remedies around. What will Preeta do this time to stop Karan’s marriage with Mahira, knowing Mahira is the reason for Mahesh’s accident this time?

Sherlyn and Mahira have become killer sources for Luthras. Preeta needs to come up with some solid strategy to out do them. Karan has to battle with his enemies by taking Preeta’s support, but the couple is just seen battling with each other by falling in silly traps laid by the enemies. Will Karan stand by Preeta and surprise one and all? Keep reading.

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  1. If karan preeta claim to love each other then they should believe each other. Basics anil nagpal seems to forget. I want karan to marry mahira n face consequences. Else he will always take preeta for granted. As a woman preeta shouldn’t go to stupid luthras to get humiliated by karina. But no she will land up there n no one will believe her again. Or rather cant do anything because of mahira’s claims.


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