Alt Balaji Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 6 Palak bouncing fate

Alt Balaji Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 6 Palak bouncing fate

Alt Balaji Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 6 Palak bouncing fate Vikrant stays a dutiful father for Rithvik’s daughters. Shivam wants Vikrant to leave the house. Vikrant turns angry seeing Shivam’s hatred move. Shivam doesn’t think that Vikrant belongs to his house.

Vikrant tells him that he won’t leave the house and also the family. He knows that he has to leave Jia and Dia eventually, but not so soon. Shivam accuses him for eyeing Palak. Shivam and Vikrant get into a fight. Rithvik happens to see the fight and intervenes. He slaps Shivam to put an end to the fight.

He doesn’t identify Shivam or Vikrant. He wants Rohit to throw out the nasty guys. Shivam gets much upset. Vikrant does aid to his injuries. Rithvik asks Vikrant about his friend Palak. Vikrant admits that Palak is just a friend. Rithvik tells him that he knows many things would have changed when he was in coma. He asks Vikrant about his one-sided love for Palak. Vikrant denies his feelings for Palak. Rithvik maintains his same hatred for Palak. He tells that Palak would be after money. Vikrant realizes that Rithvik has lost his memory.

He asks Rithvik if he has forgotten him also. Rithvik advises him to be away from Palak. Vikrant questions Palak about Rithvik’s strange behavior. Palak tells that she will handle Rithvik. Reva informs Vikrant about Rithvik’s retrograde amnesia, he doesn’t even remember his marriage with Palak. Shanaya asks him not to remind anything to Rithvik. Reva asks Vikrant to move on with Palak.

Rithvik taunts Palak for impressing him for money. He doesn’t think he needs any physiotherapist. He feels uneasy when she is around. He asks Vijay to get a proper doctor instead Palak. Vijay asks Rithvik to let Palak stay. Palak calls him a tantrum king. Rithvik feels money is everything for her. Palak feels hurt by his misbehavior. Mamta asks Rithvik to behave himself while speaking to Palak. Vijay, Mamta and Palak think a vacation may help Rithvik. Palak is ready to stay away if Rithvik wants.

Palak finds Vikrant’s wound and cares for him. Rithvik feels hungry at night. He demands Palak to get some food for him. She helps him. He tells her that he wants to know about his accident. She thinks he is worried for everyone. He wants to know about Vikrant also. She tells that Vikrant is Vijay’s business partner and stays in the house, he is like family.

Rithvik feels Vikrant is also like him, his choice is bad though. He asks Palak if she is married. He insults her. Vikrant finds her upset. He encourages her to stay strong. Palak fears that Rithvik will find her with Vikrant. She heads to meet Rithvik. She wants Rithvik to be active and willing for the physiotherapy session.

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