Alt Balaji Latest Dil Hi Episode 5 Vikrant’s big sacrifice

Alt Balaji Latest Dil Hi Episode 5 Vikrant's big sacrifice

Alt Balaji Latest Dil Hi Episode 5 Vikrant’s big sacrifice Noons meet Rithvik and get too joyed that he is back to them. Vikrant feels distanced from them. Vijay and Mamta shower love on Rithvik. Doctor apologizes to Vikrant about the confusion. He tells the family that Rithvik is recovering.

Vikrant allows Palak to go with Rithvik. His world seems like crashing seeing Palak going away. Vijay and Mamta bless Vikrant, and also understand his heartbreak. Vikrant finds Palak very happy with Rithvik. He knows it very well that she just loves Rithvik. She respects Vikrant for always being a good support.

Vikrant wishes her all the best for her life’s new phase. The family is happy for Rithvik. Setu is worried for Vikrant. Shivam tells them that Palak will be just with Rithvik. He wants Vikrant to leave from their lives. Mamta wants them to stop Shivam from complicating things. Shanaya asks Shivam to not throw out Vikrant’s luggage from the house. Ananya argues with Shivam for deciding for Palak’s life. Shivam accuses Ananya for favoring Vikrant. Doctor asks Vikrant and Palak to help Rithvik recover soon. He advises them to let Rithvik stay at the hospital.

Palak wants to take up the physiotherapist job to stay with Rithvik. Vikrant thinks it will be better to shift Rithvik home. Doctor asks him to let few days pass. Palak happily meets Rithvik and sheds tears of joy. Rithvik gets confused seeing her. Vikrant finally takes Rithvik home. He asks Rithvik not to trouble the family more and recover soon. Palak shoulders Rithvik. Vikrant’s heart ache gets high. He asks Palak to speak to Rithvik about the past. He gets all the medical facilities home.

Reva thinks to talk to Palak and help her in deciding about Vikrant. She wants Palak to be loyal towards Vikrant. Vikrant tells Rithvik’s daughters that they will be meeting their dad. Palak doesn’t think its time to tell them. Vikrant asks her to find a nice girl for him, since she will be going back to Rithvik. The boys have a party with Rithvik. They want Rithvik to break his silence. Rithvik identifies his friends. He then starts talking about the past. Doctor checks him and confirms about retrograde amnesia. Rithvik forgets his life’s major phase. Doctor asks family to keep hope, maybe Rithvik will regain his memory. The family wonders if they should tell Rithvik about Palak.

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Doctor advises them to hide the truth and not give any stress to Rithvik. Setu tells Palak that they will not tell the truth to Rithvik about Vikrant. Everyone gives their opinions to Palak and pressurizes her. Palak clears out the misunderstanding, that she didn’t move on with Vikrant. She is hurt that Rithvik doesn’t remember her. Mamta finds herself in a dilemma. She knows Palak is fighting with her fate.

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