IPKKND Latest Episode Starplus Speechless Arnav Khushi

IPKKND Latest Episode Starplus Speechless Arnav Khushi

IPKKND Latest Episode Starplus Speechless Arnav Khushi Lavanya is happy to receive the gift from Arnav. She tells him that there is no such occasion that he gifts her a purse. She asks him the reason for the gift. He is occupied about Khushi’s task. He thinks if she has won in completing the task. Arnav asks Khushi if she hasn’t taken the measurements of the male models.

He asks her to resign and pay the compensation of one lakh rupees. Khushi surprises him by telling the measurements of the models. Arnav and Lavanya get a shock. Khushi asks Arnav about the next task and leaves him speechless. He tells her that he will not let her stay in his office for 15 days. He doesn’t want to lose out to her. He tells her that he will make her next day even more worse. By scaring her, he makes her leave from his office.

Sim gets the news that Khushi has won the challenge on the first day. Shyam calls Khushi to know about the workplace’s problems. Khushi tells him that everyone is different in the office, but still she will manage her work. He asks her to keep smiling when she returns home, since he has a surprise for her. She thinks he has solved Bua’s problems. Shyam doesn’t tell her that he has moved into her house on Bua ji’s saying.

He is thankful to Bua for letting him get a roof. Shyam gets Bua’s sympathy. Bua tells Payal that she will make tea for Shyam. Shyam pleases Bua. He continues to leave his impact in Bua ji so that he easily gets through the alliance for Khushi. He tells that he has got the fruits for Khushi and Payal. Payal wishes that everything gets fine. The colleagues make a score board between ASR and Khushi. They call Khushi a smart girl to outdo ASR in his plans.

Khushi doesn’t want to lose confidence. She knows that the colleagues will try to break her confidence. Manju tells her that she will support her. She asks her not to get hurt by the behavior of others. She teaches her to balance the life. She asks Khushi to change her perception and live her life, just the way it comes. She asks Khushi to have patience until her life gets better. Khushi likes her tips. Khushi is ready for the new challenges. Arnav calls her to his cabin. Khushi gets tensed and goes to meet him.

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Pam tells that ASR is planning the next round. Shyam tells Bua that he will solve her pension matter. Bua feels he has come as a blessing to solve her problems. Shyam asks her to complete the formalities. Shyam gets to reach Khushi’s room. He misses to see her appointment letter.

Khushi leaves Arnav angered. Arnav checks the CCTV footage and learns that Khushi had lit the lamp and started off the fire alarm. He tells her that he has got a big loss for his company due to her. He tells that he will punish her. She misunderstands him and thinks he isn’t a decent man. He asks her to start taking the dictation notes. She gets worried by his closeness. He tries to trouble her. Khushi starts taking the notes by matching his speed.

Arnav thinks she won’t be able to note down anything. He asks her if she is done. He asks her to type the letter, else type the resignation. Khushi gets ahead with the second task as well. Every time he thinks that she will leave, she leaves him stunned.

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  1. I am very pissed i am asking to u in every post of ipkknd is their anybody yo reply me what is the exact time of this show coz it neither telecaste at 5 pm in star plus nor at 11 am please help me ????


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