IPKKND New Starplus Surprise Today Episode

IPKKND New Starplus Surprise Today Episode

IPKKND New Starplus Surprise Today Episode Khushi decides to fight the odds in Arnav’s office. Payal tells her that since Khushi is really crazy, her lover will also be someone crazy. She tells that someone would lose mind if he agrees to marry Khushi. Khushi agrees with her. She happily gets ahead for the next day, which can get tough because of Arnav. Akash buys the dupatta chosen by Payal at the shop.

He reminisces her and smiles. Arnav has no place for love in his life. Nani asks Anjali about Arnav’s lover. She tells that Arnav’s lover had come home. She is much disappointed. Nani doesn’t want Anjali to fool her. Anjali asks Nani to just understand Arnav’s state. She describes Lavanya. She tells that the lady was Arnav’s business consultant, she isn’t his girlfriend.

Manorama gets convinced. Khushi tells Payal that she will not get back, she is determined to work hard. Shyam arrives home and meets Khushi. He likes Khushi a lot and thinks to surprise her. Khushi reaches the office. She faces taunts from the colleagues, who think it will be a fun watch to see her facing Arnav’s challenge. Pam and Sim ask Khushi to go for the task. They hand over measuring tools to Khushi. They ask Khushi to just get in fast and not make any mistake. Khushi thinks its a weird work. She gets the job of measuring the male models. Arnav wants to see how Khushi manages to do the job. Shyam meets Bua and decides to move in as a tenant. Bua tells Payal that Shyam is their tenant.

Shyam tells her that he didn’t wish to stay, since there are already two young girls staying with her. Bua praises her for being so considerate. He enquires about Khushi’s job. Payal tells him that Khushi has gone for the work, she isn’t too happy. Khushi gets a shock when she meets the male models. The models ask her to finish the measurement task soon. Khushi refuses to do the work. She runs away. Arnav asks Khushi why didn’t she think of this before taking up the challenge. He asks her to remember that the office has turned into hell now, she has to do the task if she has decided to prove herself.

Khushi feels its really a torture to take the measurements of male models. She thinks of some idea to do the needful. She gets a great idea. She asks the models to wait. On the other hand, Payal recalls the past. She cries that her marriage broke. Bua asks her to learn from Khushi and stay happy. Payal finds it hard to forget few things. She feels that she has lost colours from her life. She doesn’t think that she will get married again. Akash feels her presence by the dupatta chosen by her. He thinks of finding her and meeting her again.

He plans to gift the dupatta to her. He hides the dupatta from Manorama. She asks him if he has found someone. He denies to have anyone in his life. He makes excuses to get rid of her. Anjali also happens to catch him. She asks him about the girl. He lies to her about the wrong item bought. Anjali asks him not to trick him. She finds him blushing already. Akash rushes to the office. Anjali wants her brothers to speak up their feelings. Lavanya gets a gift from Arnav. She gets lucky and shares the joy with her assistant.

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Khushi decides to trick the male models. She takes the protection thread. She tells the guy that she is like his sister. She calls him as brother and pleases him emotionally to make him do the task for her. The guy gets emotional and feels like she is tying a Rakhi to him. Arnav doesn’t think Khushi will complete the challenge. Khushi gets the measurements taken by the help of the guy.

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