IPKKND New entry stuns Khushi Arnav crops problems

IPKKND New entry stuns Khushi Arnav crops problems

IPKKND New entry stuns Khushi Arnav crops problems Khushi thinks of Arnav, who would be giving her the third task. She starts the recorder when she goes to meet Arnav. She doesn’t know if he will be giving her another dictation. Arnav finds her acting smart. He tells her that she has to correct his name in the paper. She thinks its too easy task. He then makes the task tougher for her by handling over 500 papers.

Khushi drops the papers on him. She thinks the work is tedious and would need more time. He wants her to get busy in work and not go home early. The colleagues think of the next task Arnav would give to Khushi. Anjali tries to know about Akash’s love interest. He thanks Anjali for making the best food. Nani taunts Manorama for her worst cooking skills. Manorama tolerates the insult. Khushi gets busy in the work. She gets correcting his name with a speed of a machine.

She just had few papers left. She gets tired and sees the clock. She has to go home soon. She gets encouraged by Garima’s call. Garima wants her to be home with Payal soon. Khushi tells that she will go home and spend time with Payal. Arnav overhears her conversation. He has already overloaded Khushi with work. Khushi is stunned to see Lisa, a supermodel who works for Arnav’s company. Lavanya gets jealous seeing Lisa.

Moreover, Lisa meets Arnav and throws off lots of tantrums along. She asks Arnav to keep the fur coat safe. Arnav gives the coat duty to Khushi to make her more busy. Anjali prepares for the puja. She gets hurt. Nani gets worried for her. Nani tells her that Manorama is acting lazy always. She wants Manorama to do some work as well. Anjali gets delighted to get her husband’s call after a long time. She tells him that she was missing him a lot.

She is glad to know that he is coming soon. Khushi thinks the work will never end and she will not be able to make it to Payal’s birthday. She tells Arnav that she has finished the work before time. Arnav asks her to keep the coat until Lisa is done with her shoot. Khushi wants to know when will the shoot end. Arnav tells her that the shoot will end after five hours. She gets troubled. Lavanya and her assistants get happy to see Arnav’s new plan. Khushi accompanies Lisa for the shoot. She holds the coat. She doesn’t know when will Lisa get done.

She awaits Lisa to come and pick her coat. Sim and Pam spoil the costly coat to trouble Khushi. Khushi gets to see the stain mark of the spilled juice on the coat. She gets worried and rushes to wash off the fur coat. She doesn’t want anything to become a reason for her job firing. The coat gets more damaged after the wash.

Meanwhile, Shyam plans the surprise party for Payal. He tells Bua ji that Khushi is busy in her work, but he will plan everything on her behalf. He wants to please Khushi. Bua ji tells him that party isn’t anything good. Shyam justifies Khushi. He tells that she has picked up a good responsibility. Bua ji tells that Khushi is a nice girl, but kiddish. He tells that Khushi is loving and caring towards everyone, she is bit naughty but sweet. He tells that he has to go somewhere for work and will return the other day.

Khushi goes to Lisa to tell her about the damaged coat. Lisa questions her about the coat. She asks if Khushi has lost it somewhere. Khushi shows the stained coat and tries to calm her anger. She tells that juice stain isn’t going away. She defends herself. She apologizes. Lisa yells at her. Payal calls Khushi and asks her to come home soon. Lisa fumes in anger. She tears the coat and warns Khushi. She summons Arnav and shows Khushi’s blunder.

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She tells Arnav that Khushi didn’t take care of her costly coat. Arnav calms down Lisa. He thinks Khushi’s mistake will cost her job. Khushi is terrified that she will be losing the job. Lisa leaves from the shoot. Arnav commands Khushi to become the model of his ad shoot. He tells her that she will be wearing the modelling clothes and finish the shoot. Khushi feels humiliated.

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