Alt Balaji New Romance Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 12

Alt Balaji New Romance Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 12

Alt Balaji New Romance Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 12 Vikrant continues to madly search for Palak and Vikrant. He tracks them to the cliff side. He reaches there and misses to see them fallen into the river. Mamta calls Palak and thinks Vikrant is with her. Vijay and Mamta ask him about Palak and Rithvik. Vikrant tells them that he has found Palak’s found at the cliff, but Palak isn’t there.

They ask Vikrant to inform the police and seek help. Vijay wants to go to Kasauli as well. Palak shouts for help. Vikrant gets to see her. He rushes to Palak and Rithvik. Palak tells him about Rithvik’s state. They rush Rithvik to the hospital and inform his medical state. Vikrant consoles her. He doesn’t want her to take stress.

Reva informs Aman about Rithvik’s injured state. She is worried that Shivam’s plan has resulted in this. Shivam doesn’t want Palak to go with Vikrant. Reva tells Shivam that they can’t force Rithvik to recall his past. Aman also admits his mistake. Vikrant tells Palak that Rithvik is fine now. He asks her to meet Mamta and Vijay. Palak is much grateful to him for the help. Vikrant tells her that Rithvik went to stop her when he doesn’t remember her. She tells him that his memory is coming back, since he recalled a similar incident. Vijay and Mamta get happy to know that Rithvik is coming back to them. Vikrant gets much upset.

Palak wants to meet her daughters. Vikrant becomes Palak’s silent support like always. He asks the reason for coming with him. He jokes if she has fallen in love with him. He wants to wish her on her birthday. She asks Vikrant if he didn’t feel bad to see her with Rithvik. She feels guilty like cheating him. She admits that she had to kiss Rithvik to revive his breath, fearing that she will lose him. She wants to end her marriage with Vikrant. She tells him that they are just friends, she just loves Rithvik and can’t live without him. She wants to walk out of the marriage. She doesn’t think Vikrant deserves the cheat and pain.

She tells that even if Rithvik doesn’t remember her, she wants to be with him. She apologizes to Vikrant and asks for divorce. Vikrant gets in a huge shock. Vikrant wishes Palak on her birthday. He tells her that he couldn’t reply her. He knows that she can never cheat anyone.

He tells that Rithvik loves her, he isn’t able to recall her, maybe he is also in a dilemma. He doesn’t want to come between Rithvik and Palak’s love story. They learn that Jia is unwell. They rush to her. Vijay and Mamta try to know about Rithvik’s memory.

Rithvik tells that he was trying to get Palak back, he doesn’t love her. He doesn’t remember anything of the past. Mamta tells that Palak saved her and Vikrant got him to the hospital. Rithvik learns that Palak has gone to the hotel with Vikrant.

Meanwhile, Rohit finishes his son’s homework. He keeps te drawing ready. He plans a dinner date with Setu. Aman wishes him all the best. Shivam spoils the drawing by mistake. He doesn’t want Rohit’s dinner to get cancelled because of him. He clears up the mess. He stops Rohit from seeing the changed drawing. Palak and Vikrant take care of Jia and Dia. Rithvik questions about the girls. Vikrant tells that Jia and Dia are his daughters. Mamta tells Palak that Rithvik didn’t recall anything. Setu gets a bouquet from Rohit. She gets happy and thinks to consider the dinner date plans.

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She gets upset seeing the bad drawing. She cancels the date. Palak recalls the birthday celebrated by Rithvik. Rithvik gets rude to Dia and makes her run. Vikrant tells about Jia’s panic attacks. Rithvik tells him that even he used to get panic attacks, but emotional support helps in such a case. Jia doesn’t hug Rithvik, and runs to Vikrant. Rithvik feels fatherly emotions for Jia, unaware that she is his daughter.

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