Alt Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 15 Rithvik feels for Palak

Alt Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 15 Rithvik feels for Palak

Alt Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 15 Rithvik feels for Palak Vikrant and Palak decide to meet Setu and bring her marriage on track. Vikrant takes care of Jia and Dia. He tells Vijay that Palak has to go for Rithvik’s physiotherapy.

Vijay learns about Shanaya’s new relationship. He wants to know about the guy and approve. Mamta and Vikrant handle him. Rithvik wants Palak to focus on his physiotherapy. She tells him that she is neglecting her life since he came into her life. Rithvik wants to know what’s between this. She tells him that she is going to visit Setu.

Rithvik thinks to meet Rohit. He visits Rohit and meets his kids. Rohit feels Rithvik is happy, since he doesn’t remember he has kids. He jokes that he wants to forget that he has kids. The kids trouble Rohit. Rithvik looks for Palak there. Rohit tells that Setu isn’t home. Setu complains about Rohit. She wants parenting to be the best for her kids. Reva suggests her to send the kids to the hostel. Setu doesn’t want to do it. Palak asks her not to overdo or over-express the need for parenting.

She tells that fathers aren’t much responsible like mothers, she should better accept this. Rohit checks his son’s blunder and shouts at him. Rithvik gets into laughter. Ananya informs Setu that Rohit is dead. Setu reacts in shock. Rohit awaits Setu’s call. Rithvik tells him that they shall wait for Setu’s reaction. Setu calls up Rohit. Rithvik asks the kids to speak to Setu and cry. Setu worries on hearing her sons crying for Rohit. Rithvik asks Rohit to pretend dead to make Setu understand his worth. Shanaya tells Vijay about Kartik. She plans to marry Kartik.

Vikrant gets the divorce papers. Vijay asks him to show the papers. Vikrant hides it. He doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Mamta understands that its divorce papers. She doesn’t want him to do it. She wants him to be with Palak. Vikrant tells her that its destined to happen. Rithvik stages Rohit’s death, as per his son’s blunder.

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Rohit really gets hurt and faints down. Rithvik asks him to get up. Setu and Palak arrive there and find Rohit unconscious. Setu gets worried for him. Rohit gets happy by her attention. She learns that her son has posted the fake death status on the social network. She slaps Rohit for supporting such a bad joke. She asks Rohit to learn true love from Palak. Reva tells Rithvik about Palak and Vikrant’s love. Rohit and Setu apologize and patch up. Rithvik wants to know his complete identity, the person who completes him, his lover and past. Palak tells him that she is just his doctor.

Rithvik confronts her about the kiss. She tells that she had given him CPR to save his life, it wasn’t a kiss, she had to save her patient. Rithvik doesn’t want her to lie. She gives him no answers. He asks her if she is confused to know who is more rich between Vikrant and him. He insults her for being a gold digger like his mum. He thinks to seek his answers from Vikrant. He goes home and looks for Vikrant. He tells Mamta that Vikrant is smart in business, but emotional when he comes to relations. He feels Palak will be cheating Vikrant. Mamta sings praises of Vikrant, who has handled the entire family. She asks Rithvik to unite Palak and Vikrant. Rithvik gets into a dilemma.

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  1. How can mother tells u help him ??? To help vikrant ??? Every body wants vikrant??? Then first episodes y palak showed love and this season ??? R u making old hindi remake then don’t that time also it was a flop flim


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