Yeh Un Dinon New Sony School Romance Lockdown run

Yeh Un Dinon New Sony School Romance Lockdown run

Yeh Un Dinon New Sony School Romance Lockdown run Naina starts falling in love with the new cool guy in her school, Sameer. She happens to see his residence number on his ID card. Sadly, he takes the card from her hand soon and she misses to see the last digit of the contact. She then rushes home and takes a big risk by calling nine numbers to get Sameer’s number.

She gets much of her time wasted because of the wrong numbers. She makes a last try and it really clicks. She gets to hear Sameer’s sweet voice and jumps happily. She feels like a love story beginning. Naina wants to call him again and speak to him. Her aunt Bela calls on the last dialled number. She gets to speak to Sameer’s Nanu. She gets upset when he yells at her. She doesn’t understand English when Sameer takes the call and speaks to her.

Naina gets to hear his voice again and gets speechless. Aunt asks her to talk in English. Sameer thinks its a wrong number, but Naina knew that its the right number. She couldn’t say anything. She tells aunt that she couldn’t speak, since the line wasn’t clear. Sameer reaches the school and changes librarian’s parking space. He parks his bike and runs away when Rakesh arrives there to park his scooter. Rakesh learns that Sameer is really rich, backed up by his super rich grandfather.

Rakesh starts hating Sameer, when some teachers blame Sameer for hindering the cabin construction plans. He doesn’t know that the teachers are lying to him and a new cabin wasn’t promised by the school authorities. He can’t do anything against rich Sameer, except holding a grudge. He decides to leave his dreams of a new cabin, compromising with reality. The teachers laugh at him.

Later, Naina gets worried when she spills some ink on his shirt by mistake. Sameer’s humble side leaves her surprised again. She wants to stay back and support her. He wants to become the headboy. He promises to do whatever she asks for. She gets many hopes by his promise. Rakesh wants Arjun to keep his respect and win over Sameer by becoming the headboy of the school. He wants Arjun to defeat Sameer. Naina wants to favor Sameer. She gets confused and prays for Arjun as well.

She gets happy to write Naina and Sameer on a paper. She gets staring at his name, feeling for him. She gets to see the superstars of the era. She thinks Sameer is meant for her, he is her hero. She feels love is really true. She likes Sameer’s cool attitude.

She stays happy with her family. She comes across Sameer once again in the market. She thinks its destiny that he is coming in front of her again and again. She wants to befriend him. She starts helping him in the academics. She also gets help from him when needed. She starts dreaming of Sameer. She wants her dream to turn true. She feels he is really like her, like they are made for each other. Sameer and Naina have a moment. They like to be with each other.

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They laugh at the same time. Sameer unknowingly becomes a part of her life. He also thinks of their bonding, since he just comes across her in the school always. Naina thinks her wish is really turning true when Sameer becomes her friend and begins to give her attention. She can’t ask for anything better. Her heart doesn’t accept any custom or rules made by the society. She just wants Sameer to acknowledge her feelings. Their school romance begins and blossoms into a love story of lifetime.

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