Arnav heroic rescue mission Khushi blurts huge blame

Arnav heroic rescue mission Khushi blurts huge blame

Arnav heroic rescue mission Khushi blurts huge blame Arnav enquires if the workers are fine. Manorama tells Payal that she doesn’t know about Khushi. Sinha informs that workers are fine, but he doesn’t know about the girl who came to meet him. He tells that he didn’t meet any girl.

Arnav recalls that he has sent Khushi to the site. Manorama tells that Khushi isn’t her problem. Arnav overhears the conversation. Manorama tells that Khushi’s sister had called. Arnav worries for Khushi. He storms out of the house. Khushi stays inside the building and cries. Payal and Bua ji cry for Khushi. They don’t know how to find her. Shyam tells that he will find Khushi.

Payal asks him to seek the help of the police. Shyam makes a leave. Arnav yells at Sinha for not finding Khushi and risking her life. He tells that Khushi’s safety was Sinha’s responsibility. Khushi gets scared seeing some sparks at the electric box. She wants to call Payal, but doesn’t have her phone along. She thinks she has put everyone in tension again. Arnav regrets to send Khushi at the risky site. Bua ji cries for Khushi. She doesn’t want to fail in her duty given by Shashi.

She feels guilty to allow Khushi for the job. She doesn’t know how will Khushi return. Arnav reaches the bungalow site. He runs inside the site on seeing Khushi in danger. Khushi also runs to save herself. Arnav finds Khushi shouting for help. He struggles to find a way to reach her. Khushi turns dizzy. Arnav gets Khushi’s purse and phone. He shouts her name. Khushi hears him and tries to pass her message. He doesn’t understand where is she. Arnav finally gets to see her at the risky spot.

He reaches her and holds her hand to rescue her. He finally rescues her. She gets angered at her and accuses him for trying to kill her. The roof collapses and also the building. Khushi yells at him for his revengeful streak. She asks him how can he stoop so low. Arnav tries to explain her that he didn’t send her to risk her life. She feels that he values money than a person’s life.

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She tells that just money matters to him. She makes him see a mirror. She asks him to look at himself, if he can treat anyone like an animal. She tells that she is also a human, she is also hurt, he can’t risk her life or trouble her family. She turns hurting him in anger. Arnav gets mad at her.

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