Starplus Evergreen Iss Pyaar Ko Khushi trapped danger

Starplus Evergreen Iss Pyaar Ko Khushi trapped danger

Starplus Evergreen Iss Pyaar Ko Khushi trapped danger Akash calls up Arnav to discuss work. He realizes that Arnav is really in a bad mood. Akash comes to meet Payal. He wonders if she got the dupatta. He leaves before she leaves from the house, wearing the same dupatta gifted by her. Sinha waits to talk to Arnav about the construction work. Khushi gets trapped at the site.

On the other hand, Lavanya comes home to meet Nani. She shouts on the servant when some water spills over her dress. Nani gets to see her real side. She dislikes Lavanya. Lavanya tries to make the goat away. Nani scolds her. Khushi doesn’t see Sinha. The wall collapses. Sinha tells that the rains have made the structure more weak. He learns that a girl from Arnav’s office came to meet him. He calls Arnav to know about Khushi.

Sinha gets the reports that the building structure may collapse anytime. He asks the workers to gather and evacuate from the site. He tells the workers that he didn’t see any girl inside. Khushi tries to find a way out. She can’t get out of the house. Lavanya gets tested by Nani. Nani lectures her knowing she is just pretending to be sweet. Nani performs the puja. Lavanya fails in her tests. Sinha and workers leave the site on time. Nani calls up Arnav to talk to him. She wants him home. Arnav makes work excuses. He knows Khushi is behind the new trouble. Shyam finds Payal crying for Khushi.

He gets worried for Khushi. Payal tells them that Khushi isn’t answering. She asks Shyam to take her to Khushi’s office. Shyam thinks of finding Khushi. Khushi realizes that all the workers left before time. She wonders what’s happening. She shouts for help. She gains courage to make a leave. Arnav comes home and finds Lavanya. He learns that Nani had called Lavanya home for an interrogation. She wants to leave. She lets Arnav handle the matter.

Bua ji asks Payal to go and find Khushi. Shyam tells them that he will make calls to know if Khushi is at her office. Payal calls the office and learns that Arnav has sent Khushi for some work. She wants Arnav’s contact number. She tries to find her sister. She requests for Arnav’s contact number so that she can save Khushi from the unknown danger. She gets Arnav’s number. Khushi breaks down. Nani tells Arnav that Lavanya doesn’t deserve to be with him. Payal calls up Arnav’s home and asks Shyam to talk to him.

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Shyam gets tensed when Anjali answers the call. He disconnects the call. He lies to Payal that the call couldn’t connect. Payal calls up again. Nani tells Arnav that Lavanya has no manners, she doesn’t respect elders, even her dressing sense is horrible. Payal speaks to Manorama. Arnav gets Sinha’s call. He asks Sinha to handle the situation. Payal asks about Khushi, who didn’t return home by now. Manorama tells that she doesn’t know about Khushi. Sinha asks Arnav to decide about the building, which will collapse any time.

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