Alt rocking Rithvik Palak Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 17

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Alt rocking Rithvik Palak Dil Hi Toh Hai Episode 17 Palak finds everyone busy. She wants to know about Rithvik. Shivam teases Aman and Reva about their romance. Palak asks them to tell about Rithvik, who has to go for his physio session. Mamta tells them that they will plan something special for Rohit and Setu’s wedding anniversary. The family doesn’t know about Rithvik.

Rithvik and Palak party at the club with the girls. Palak wants to track Rithvik and have his physio session. Palak reaches the club and finds him swimming. She doesn’t want Vikrant to spoil Rithvik by supporting him. She tells Rithvik that he may fall ill, since he just came out of the coma. Rithvik and Vikrant catch her and throw her into the pool.

Everyone plans a big bash for Setu. Setu is angered by single parenting. She feels Rohit is always into his own life. Rohit wants to cancel the celebrations. Shivam informs Rohit that Vikrant is divorcing Palak. He wants to get Rithvik and Palak together. He asks Rohit to at least agree for the party for their sake. Reva also tries to convince Setu. Setu tells them that Rohit is egoistic and will never agree. Rohit tells that he is ready for the party. Aman wants to know how did Rohit agree so soon. Shivam boasts of his smartness.

Reva meets Palak to know about her decision. Palak doesn’t want to talk about Rithvik or Vikrant. Rithvik thinks of Palak. He gets restless. Reva and Palak have few drinks. They share a laugh. Palak rushes to sleep. She goes to Rithvik’s room by mistake and sleeps by his side. Rithvik wants to know what is she doing in his room. He realizes she is drunk. He tells her that he is in his room. He asks her not to have high hopes. She tells him that she knows his feelings, even if he is smart to hide. Vikrant looks for Palak. He finds her with Rithvik.

Rithvik tells Vikrant that Palak is over drunk and was finding him. Palak tells that she will push them into the pool. Vikrant takes Palak with him. He takes care of her. Aman tells Shivam that Reva will invite Vikrant for the party. Rithvik teases Palak on seeing her hangover. He asks her if she can’t handle alcohol.

He tells her that she came to his room at night and then he can’t tell her. Rithvik promises Mamta that he will handle Palak and Vikrant. He asks Vikrant to accompany him to the park. He doesn’t let Vikrant to go to the office. He asks Palak to come for the physiotherapy. Palak wants to know if she has really gone to Rithvik’s room at night. Palak worries.

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