IPKKND Star Plus Today Arnav takes a stand for Khushi

IPKKND Star Plus Today Arnav takes a stand for Khushi

IPKKND Star Plus Today Arnav takes a stand for Khushi Khushi decides to resign and makes the family happy. Shyam offers sweets to Khushi. He develops a strong liking for her. He wishes her all the best for her decision. Khushi thanks him. Payal is excited to go back to Lucknow with Khushi. She hugs Khushi. She tells that she is scared of the contract matter. Khushi tells that she can manage anything.

She asks Payal to not worry of Arnav. She is ready to fight Arnav if he wants to battle. Payal tells her that once she resigns, they will return home to their parents. Khushi cheers her back. Payal tells that they will go back to Lucknow and not return to Delhi. Khushi tells that Delhi isn’t too bad. She is glad that Bua ji is praising her these days. She misses her parents, but thankfully has Payal with her. Arnav reaches the office.

He finds Lavanya and her assistants making fun of Khushi. He gets irked on hearing them. He doesn’t want them to mock Khushi and laugh. He asks them to return to work than making fun of employees. Lavanya wants to know what did Nani say. Arnav tells her that she did a mistake to meet Nani without informing him. She feels Khushi has told Nani about her. Arnav asks her not to insult Khushi, and call her by her name. He takes a stand for Khushi. This angers Lavanya. Lavanya wants to vent her anger on Khushi.

Manorama informs Arnav that Anjali isn’t well. He rushes out of the office, when Khushi comes there to resign. Khushi meets Lavanya and bears the insult. Lavanya asks her about not attending the office work. Khushi wants to know about Arnav. Lavanya asks if she is resigning. Khushi tells that she is resigning and wants to meet ASR.

Lavanya is happy to hear this. Sim and Pam laugh on Khushi who is running away due to her fears. Khushi tells them that she is leaving the job which isn’t suitable for her. She wants to do the right thing and keep her self esteem. She doesn’t think Sim and Pam have any esteem or identity. She asks them to know themselves first and understand what she means to say. Lavanya asks her to hand over the resignation and leave.

Khushi tells that she will give her resignation to Arnav, who had started the game. She wants to end the game. Lavanya asks her to accept her defeat. Khushi tells that life isn’t a game or challenge.

She has decided to leave their selfish world. She doesn’t care for the defeat or victory. She asks Lavanya to learn from her how to live a life with esteem. Manju gets happy for Khushi. On the other hand, Anjali gets dizzy when she keeps a fast for her husband. Arnav turns worried on meeting her. He asks her to break the fast. He tells her that she doesn’t need to do any work during her work. Doctor asks Anjali to take care of her health.

Arnav makes Anjali break the fast. Anjali tells him that she was preparing food for him. Manorama tells him that Anjali was making continental food. Anjali regrets that she couldn’t prepare anything. Nani gets a chance to taunt Arnav over his decisions. Arnav doesn’t want to talk about his life. He asks Anjali why is Nani saying the same thing again. Anjali tells him that Nani loves him a lot, he shouldn’t be rude towards her. She wishes that someone was there to handle their lives.

She misses her parent. Arnav turns raging over the past. He consoles Anjali. He melts down on seeing her tears. He tells that she didn’t let him feel the absence of his parents, she is his sole family. He regards her a world for him. He can fight anyone for her sake. He tells that he can do anything for her happiness. Khushi comes to his home to meet him.

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  1. I’m seeing it in my mobile in every now n then I just love the show I’ll keep watching repeat n repeat continuous there is no number how many times I have watched.


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