Colors Sneak peek Shakti Vidya Shubh Aarambh Upcoming

Colors Sneak peek Shakti Vidya Shubh Aarambh Upcoming

Colors Sneak peek Shakti Vidya Shubh Aarambh Upcoming Heer surprises Harak with an online class. He is excited to learn new things from her. He tells her that he is happy to see her on the video call. He has been missing her a lot. He tells that he is happy in Gurdaspur. Heer asks him not to feel low. He wants the virus situation to end. He tells that Preeto has left him, he is all alone and misses the family. She asks him to take care of himself.

He tells that the situation is not so horrible. He is tired of using the face masks. He asks her if they can make the masks at home. She tells that there are essentials available in the market. She tells him that she knows to make masks at home and can teach him as well. She guides him to make the mask. He is proud of her. He has a hope that everything will get fine. She asks him to be positive. He tells that he will be staying home and strong.


Vidya prepares a dish at home and gets into a cute banter with her husband Vivek on the video call. She tells him that she is preparing a dish, that’s worth sharing. She tells some tips that could be helpful for everyone. She wants to use the homemade resources. She tells that she is taking advantage of the free time.

She also guides him to use her tips and benefit from it. She tells that they can get the basic needs from their home during quarantine. Vivek likes her good ideas. He tels that he is waiting for the day when she manages his house. She wants the day to come soon, when they get to stay together like a married couple. She tells about her plans of online dinner date.

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Shubh Aarambh:

Raja apologizes to Rani for doing so much wrong with her. He wishes that he could change everything. He tells that he should have trusted her, but he didn’t and broke her heart. He tells that he believed that she can’t do any theft, but he couldn’t show faith. He apologizes to Rani’s parents. Rani’s mum gives her hand to Raja once again and wishes them the best for their union. Raja and Rani make a new start of their relation.



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