IPKKND Today Unexpected moment for Arnav Khushi

IPKKND Today Unexpected moment for Arnav Khushi

IPKKND Today Unexpected moment for Arnav Khushi Khushi and Payal visit the same shrine for the puja, when Bua ji sends them for the prayers. Arnav accompanies Anjali to look after her health. He doesn’t get to see Khushi there. Anjali can’t believe that her brother has come with her to the temple. He tells that he has just come for her sake. He tells her that he will get the aarti plate for her.

Arnav and Khushi get to the same place, and yet miss to see each other, until they collide and have a sindoor moment. Their rush gets halted. She cleans the sindoor from her eyes. Arnav seems falling for her. He tries to help her, but she denies to take any help. They reach out to the same shop to buy the mannat items and then the same tree for the thread binding. Arnav and Khushi don’t want to tell their sisters about their moment.

Anjali performs the puja. Arnav watches Khushi performing the puja. He gets glued to the sight. Khushi gets disturbed when she finds him staring. Akash gets to see Payal there. He gets happy with the destiny’s surprise. Anjali asks Akash if Payal is the girl he likes. Akash turns shy to admit. Anjali likes his choice. Khushi waits for Arnav to leave. She feels uncomfortable. Both the families meet. Anjali is glad to see Khushi. She asks Arnav and Khushi if they have fought again. Khushi introduces Payal as her sister.

She learns that Akash is Manorama’s son. Akash wants to speak to Payal. Payal apologizes to Anjali for the phone conversation. Manorama dislikes Payal, who was rude on the phone call. Anjali tries to balance the talks. She tells Payal that Khushi is brave and can look after herself. Khushi wonders why is Arnav silent. Anjali and Khushi realize that they are going to meet in the evening as well to complete the puja. Arnav takes his family home. He gets upset when he can’t stop thinking about Khushi. He thinks how dare she misbehaved with him. He isn’t able to forgive her so soon.

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  1. I think she should give him a chance to explaination…resignation ke din bi baath Nahi katnedethe,aaj bi Nahi Uske baadh devimayya ki statue Lene jaathe uss din bi mouka Nahi dethe bechara kithna insensitive hojaatha….?


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