Kahaan Hum 2020 Starplus Show that Started ended well

Kahaan Hum 2020 Starplus Show that Started ended well

Kahaan Hum 2020 Starplus Show that Started ended well Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum started off really well after raising the viewers’ expectations with the powerful promos, where the lead characters Dr. Rohit Sippy and tv actress Sonakshi Rastogi were introduced by Saif Ali Khan. The show was much easy to connect, because of the real to life dialogues and characters.

With the makers trying to bring minimal drama, the show had a good run with 198 episodes entertaining and well received by the mass audience. The show stood different from the current running shows on the hindi entertainment channels. With mix of filmi melodrama, it focussed on bringing realistic approach in both the lead characters.

Lots of funny moments, light humour and drama, the show proved out to be one of those hits, which start off well and also end up well without dragging the story unnecessarily to tire the audience. It ended on a good note and fast pace, leaving the viewers asking for its Season 2. It gave the superhit Jodi, Ronakshi, a sweet, strong and lovable couple. More refreshing to watch Ronakshi’s moments. Ronakshi had made the show an interesting watch by their outstanding chemistry.

Karan Grover played Dr. Rohit Sippy and Dipika Kakar played Sonakshi Rastogi very convincingly, making the viewers love their characters more. Another good thing is that the show didn’t take many leaps. Just a single short leap after Rohit and Sonakshi got separated. This kept the story continuity holding to the interest.

The story of two dedicated professionals, madly caring towards their family and healing their broken hearts, getting rid of the past baggage and finding solace in each other, is something to opt for watching. The show had the proper closure on 14th March, just before the other running shows started to go on the break due to the pandemic situation in the end of March 2020.

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