Udaan Colors Vijayendra Meera amazing pairing missed

Udaan Colors Vijayendra Meera amazing pairing missed

Udaan Colors Vijayendra Meera amazing pairing missed Colors has always been taking bold initiatives in bringing the shows mostly on the social subjects. Udaan focussed to enlighten the need to cut down bonded labor. It brought the journey of little Chakor, who fights against the evil landlord Bhaiya ji all her lifetime.

After losing her family back in the village, Chakor breaks the boundaries and sets herself free from the Bandhua labor. Her childhood passes in the fight. She saves her existence from Bhaiya ji and leaves the village. She gets raised by her mentor, who makes her career built up well.

She makes her self identity so strong to return back to the village and fight Bhaiya ji to free one and all from the bonded labor. Chakor becomes the leader to initiate the fight against debt bondage in the village. She falls in love with her childhood friend Vivaan. She then meets Bhaiya ji’s son Suraj, with whom she gets married after the groom swap twist. Chakor and Suraj hate each other at first. Later, they fall in love and become an ideal couple, redefining love. Suraj then gets against his father to support his love.


Suraj gets a complete transformation with Chakor’s true love. He also supports Chakor in her fight against the bondage. Together, they face many hurdles in their way to seek freedom. The flight towards the freedom becomes tough and tougher for them after they end Bhaiya ji’s chapter. Entry of many other negative characters make their journey more tough. After Chakor gives birth to her daughter Anjor, the show takes two leaps with the focus shifting to Anjor’s character. Chakor loses Suraj in her battle.

The story ended with Anjor and Sameer’s love story completion, with Chakor’s fight with devil Ranvijay. Chakor and Suraj’s romance and love chemistry was one of the high points, along with the strong storyline. Do you know Meera and Vijayendra’s rocking chemistry as well? Leave your comments below.


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