Sirf Main Aur Tum Review Unexpected comic thriller

Dilli Vala Dost Hotstar Tale of true friendship

Sirf Main Aur Tum Review Unexpected comic thriller A meeting between a movie star Jash Varman and a critic leads to a comical situation. The film critic watches a movie and doesn’t like it much. Jash meets her at her home to know her review. She doesn’t like to tolerate him, on screen or off screen. She shuts the door on his face, asking him to leave.

Jash follows her inside the house. He then appears everywhere. She finds him getting into the character. He just wants to know why she doesn’t like his film characters. He tells that she has always bashed him up in her reviews. She has downrated his movies always. He tells her that he has played all the diverse roles in his films, but it seems that she never liked his acting. He tells that he won’t wait for her to release the review unless she shares it with him.


He asks her the reason for being so harsh on him. She gets tensed when he takes her down the memory lane by reminding his every film and her rude reviews. He troubles her to the core. When her husband returns home on her call, she ends up stabbing him, after fighting with her thoughts about Jash, who actually died few days back.

She gets to see Jash’s death news and realizes that she was just hallucinating him. She gets shaken up, since her mental health was suffering undiagnosed. She lands up in the jail for the crime of killing her husband. It gets too unexpected for her. She used to hate Jash, who died in a mysterious way. She continues to hallucinate Jash, who challenges her again to win over by removing him from her thoughts.

He tells that an actor and a critic will always go hand in hand. He asks her to keep criticizing him while he keeps his acting going. He tells that he will slowly learn acting while improving by her critics. She feels miserable when Jash haunts her.

Starring Harsh Vashistha and Karuna Pandey

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5 Transition from comedy to thriller
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