A trip to Egypt Surprising engaging tale on Hotstar

Dilli Vala Dost Hotstar Tale of true friendship

A trip to Egypt Surprising engaging tale on Hotstar A father and son travel to Egypt. The dad tells his late wife Indu always wanted to visit Eygpt and see the pyramids, but she couldn’t make it, due to her illness. He tells that he has kept her last wish and got her ashes to Egypt. The son asks him if he has kept the ashes urn. Dad tells that he really thought that he has forgotten the urn.

Son tells that he has in fact forgotten his mum in the form of ashes. Dad tells that he would try to have some plan to get the ashes. He calls up the house help Rajinder. He gets busy in some of the non-related talks. He forgets to ask about the urn. Son reminds him that he needs to ask about the urn. Dad calls up Rajinder again and asks about the brown satchel that’s carrying the urn. He learns that the urn is at home.

Son gets upset that the urn is left behind. He blames his dad for not taking the matter so seriously. He tells that he has been taking care of everything on his own. Dad asks him to share the blame. He tries to cease fire. Dad tells that they can’t return to India from Egypt to get the urn. Dad asks him not to get tensed.

He tries some humour to get happy when fate strikes him. Son asks him not to bring humour in between. Dad tells that he just got the old feeling back because of their stupidities.

He tells that Indu used to tell that famous means chaos. He tells that he will get his memory test done when they return to India, since he is forgetting a lots of things. Son asks him not to get afraid of the things. He helps his dad and doesn’t let any problem come in between. They decide to forget Indu and go to see the mummies in pyramids. Son takes care of him like always. They have a very sweet doting bond.

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