Dilli Vala Dost Hotstar Tale of true friendship

Dilli Vala Dost Hotstar Tale of true friendship

Dilli Vala Dost Hotstar Tale of true friendship Akash calls up his friend and surprises him. He tells that he has arrived in the city. Kanwar wants him to come to his house. Akash wants to stay in the hotel. Kanwar asks him to stay with him. He informs his wife Monica that his friend from Delhi is coming to stay with him, he is a close friend, meeting after nine years.

She agrees seeing his excitement to meet his friend. Kanwar welcomes Akash home. Monica tells Akash that she has heard a lot of good things from him. She gets to know some unexpected secrets from Akash. Akash wants to reach the hotel since its late. Kanwar asks him not to spend money uselessly. Monica asks them to carry on their friendly conversation. Kanwar and Akash revive the old memories.

Akash asks Kanwar why did he decide to leave Delhi forever, leaving behind the friends. Kanwar tells that he had to make his career and didn’t get time to recall anyone, reconnect with old friends. Akash gets nostalgic, remembering the old days. Kanwar asks him the reason for not marrying. Akash tells that he has new goals in his life, he isn’t interested in marriage. Monica gets irritated by their long chats. Akash tells Kanwar that he wants to head for his meeting, he has much work and can’t stay back now.

Kanwar asks him to return home after his meeting. Monica finishes her work. She doesn’t feel comfortable to go home knowing Akash is at home. Kanwar doesn’t think she should go home. She feels Akash is a womanizer and its not a good idea to stay in his company. Kanwar asks her to go for a movie to pass time. She doesn’t get to catch up with any of her friends. She stays cautious about Akash. Kanwar picks her up to go home. They find Akash on the seaside. Kanwar calls up Akash to know if he is in his meeting.

Akash lies that he is stuck in work. Kanwar tells Monica that Akash lied. She doubts on Akash’s intentions. She tells that Akash is a liar, something is wrong. She hates liars. She suggests Kanwar to get rid of his friend. His another friend Sunil calls up. Sunil reveals that Akash has come to Mumbai to donate the bone marrow to his sister. Kanwar and Monica realize that Akash had good intentions and they have misunderstood him a lot. Monica feels sorry that Kanwar’s friend from Delhi is a gem at heart. Kanwar thinks of contacting Akash and ending the awkwardness with an apology.

Cast: Kanwal Preet, Karan Battan and Dristi Grewal.
Source: Hotstar

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