First Friend Forever Review Mother’s Day Special

First Friend Forever Review Mother's Day Special

First Friend Forever Review Mother’s Day Special Aashu gets busy in his college life. He spends more time with his friends. His mum wants some of his time. Aashu doesn’t pay attention to her. She still stays happy seeing him happy. She has always been there for him since he was in her womb. Aashu doesn’t feel that she is feeling ignored or alone.

Aashu tells her that he will post her picture on his social handle, since its mother’s day. He wishes her for mothers’ day. She asks him to download all the social networking apps. He asks her what will she benefit from the apps. She tells that she will also make him her online friend, so that he talks to her. He gets emotional, realizing that she needs his time.

He feels sorry. He tells her that she doesn’t need any app to talk to him, they are at home together and can talk. He rediscovers his strong friendship with his mum, who is his first friend forever. They decide to celebrate mothers’ day together. He takes her for dinner. Later, he downloads the social networking apps for her.

She gets delighted to connect with old friends. He thinks she is behaving like him, exactly the way he used to stick on his phone. She asks him to prepare food for her as well. He thinks its better to let her enjoy her life as she wants. He loves her for being his strong support, who always stood by him in life’s every phase.

Starring: Supriya Shukla and Devansh Doshi
Source: Hotstar

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