Baarish Season 2 Episode 1 Tellyreviews 13th May 2020

Baarish Season 2 Episode 1 Tellyreviews 13th May 2020

Baarish Season 2 Episode 1 Tellyreviews 13th May 2020 Gauravi and Anuj’s relation reaches the phase of divorce. They have no issues with each other. The judge asks them to give each other another chance, since they want a mutual divorce. They don’t have anything to say against each other, having much respect for each other.

The judge suggests counselling for a period of six months. She asks them to apply for legal divorce if their differences don’t resolve after six months. Anuj thinks of Gauravi’s request to let the divorce happen if he respects her. He thinks of his love story with Gauravi. Jeetendra advises Anuj not to make Gauravi away from him, it was his mistake to take Gauravi to the court. He asks Anuj about his story, if there was a third person between Gauravi and him.

Anuj narrates the story to him. The story goes back in time. About eight months ago, Anuj recalls about Gauravi’s arrest. He wanted to arrange help for Gauravi. He lost his reputation. None from his business circle came forward to help him. Anuj remembers Gauravi and feels she is always with him. He gets motivated by a kid, who meets him on the streets, when he misses Gauravi seeing the rains. He decides to do anything to help Gauravi.

On the other hand, she doesn’t want to hurt Anuj for the sake of her freedom. She asks Aniket to relieve Anuj’s stress. Anuj and Gauravi decide to sell their wedding rings to lessen their tensions and pain. They both have a same mindset. Anuj didn’t break after Rishi and Shreya left the country and went away, his house went on sale. He gets a good news. He gets Manit’s call. Manit informs about the chances of Gauravi’s release.

Later, Anuj meets Gauravi and gets overjoyed with emotional high. He wants her to come home. She wants to go somewhere else with him before going home. They feel complete, standing together under the rain. They visit the temple. Gauravi tells him that until his house gets released from the court, they all will stay in her house. She convinces Gauravi’s mum to accompany them. Gauravi gets a good welcome in her family. Gauravi’s dad cracks jokes to comfort everyone. He tells Anuj that they don’t use AC since its not good for their health.

Anuj tells that they are okay even without a fan. Aniket tells that Asmi is getting married soon. Gauravi’s dad confuses them by the taunting humour. Gauravi learns that Asmi’s would be in-laws are coming to visit the other day. Gauravi messages Anuj to meet him at night. Her dad reads the message and sends Anuj to the kitchen. Anuj gets embarrassed hearing his direct words. Gauravi makes special tea for Anuj. They share a moment of togetherness. She wants Anuj to feel comfortable in her house, even when there isn’t much comfort.

Anuj and Gauravi’s romance get caught by her dad. Next day, Gauravi asks Anuj to return home soon, if his job hunting is over. She prepares to welcome Rohit’s family. Anuj tells her that he is on the way home to meet her. He doesn’t get personal time with her in the presence of the family. He romances her on the video call. Anuj meets Rohit, who had broken up with Shreya in the past. He wants to forget the past. Rohit’s parents meet Asmi and like her.

They accept Asmi for Rohit. They praise Rohit for the commitment. Asmi tells Gauravi that she knows Rohit well and is ready to spend her life with him. She loves him. She knows his past with Shreya. She doesn’t want to believe Shreya, after what she did with them. Gauravi and Aniket don’t want her to hurry up in her decisions. Asmi respects Anuj a lot. She apologizes to everyone. Anuj continues his job search. He goes to buy some flowers for Gauravi. Gauravi likes the flowers and likes his sweet gesture. She confesses her love.

Anuj thanks her. She expected him to express love as well. Anuj meets his friends, who advice him to take Gauravi on a short trip. Anuj and Gauravi leave for the trip. He tells that its a weekday getaway. Anuj and Gauravi enjoy their honeymoon. Anuj’s mum faces a hard time when she hears the taunts from the neighbor ladies. Anuj confesses his love to Gauravi. He wants her consent to take their relationship to the next level. Anuj and Gauravi spend romantic time. They return home. He plans to make excuses for the long getaway.

He doesn’t want to get into an awkward moment. He always gave importance to relations. He didn’t care for anything since Gauravi is with him. He gets surprised to see his family at her house. He didn’t know that he will also lose his relationship with Gauravi.

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