IPKKND Starplus Khushi surprising entry coming up

IPKKND Starplus Khushi surprising entry coming up

IPKKND Starplus Khushi surprising entry coming up Arnav and Nani mutually decide to maintain peace on the day of Anjali’s wedding anniversary. He wants the party to go on well with the family celebrating happily. He hopes that they don’t have any fight. Nani agrees to him. She also wants Anjali to get happy. Shyam advises Khushi to go to Lucknow. Khushi tells him that she isn’t going back, since she has got a sign from her Goddess that she should stay back.

He tells that he is going to Lucknow and would have met her there. Bua ji understands his liking. She wants Shyam to meet Khushi’s parents and take the matter ahead. Shyam gets happy that Bua ji is supporting him. He tells them that he will be coming back soon to meet them. He feels he can’t live without Khushi and has to return with some excuse. Arnav makes all the arrangements himself. Lavanya offers help. He doesn’t want her to upset anyone in his family.

He can’t trust anyone when its about Anjali. Khushi and Payal complete the order. Arnav is sure that Anjali and Shyam will like the sweets. Khushi is also sure that everyone in the party hall will praise the sweets. Shyam returns home with flowers for Anjali. Khushi and Payal learn that they have to deliver the sweets at Raizada house. They realize that their first client is Arnav. Anjali gets happy to receive a sweet surprise from Shyam. He treats her like a princess. Khushi tells the hotel manager that she can’t go to Arnav’s house.

The manager threatens to sue her. Payal stops Khushi and asks her to think of the dire consequences. Khushi wants the manager to handle the delivery. Payal understands the loss. She encourages Khushi to be professional and complete the contract. Payal tells Khushi that they shall deliver the sweets, irrespective of Arnav’s involvement. She tells that they shall complete the order so that they get the money and take Bua ji’s bangles back from the jeweller. Shyam gifts a beautiful saree to Anjali as their wedding anniversary gift. He starts visualizing Khushi in her and compliments her.

Khushi knows that her family is facing a difficult time and she should go for the delivery. She decides to subside her dilemmas and go ahead. She gets scared to enter Arnav’s house. Lavanya wishes Shyam and Anjali. She drops the sweets which Nani had prepared for Shyam. Nani doesn’t want to forgive Lavanya for her blunder. Arnav and Nani try to keep their differences aside in front of Anjali. Manager reminds Khushi her promise to present the sweets in Lucknowi style. Payal asks Khushi to not feel tensed and just pray.

Nani tells Lavanya that she had made Shyam’s favorite sweetdish. She scolds Lavanya. Shyam calms down Arnav and Nani. He takes the matter positively. Anjali asks Nani to forgive Lavanya. Arnav wants Lavanya to apologize to Nani. Lavanya apologizes timely. Nani hopes that Lavanya doesn’t do anything more upsetting. Arnav has no idea that Khushi would be coming home. When Khushi turns up to deliver the sweets, Arnav senses her arrival. She prays that he isn’t at home. He doesn’t want to think about Khushi again. They meet once again.

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