IPKKND surprising party Khushi gets caught by Arnav

IPKKND surprising party Khushi gets caught by Arnav

IPKKND surprising party Khushi gets caught by Arnav Arnav senses Khushi’s coming into his house. He ponders if he is overthinking about her all the time, which isn’t a good sign. They have a hit and miss. He instructs the staff not to make any mistakes. When he yells at the servant, Khushi gets to hear him and runs away from his sight. Arnav gets to hear her anklet sound, but gets confused. He fails to see her around.

Khushi and Payal want to present the sweets and leave. Khushi asks Payal to do her work until she finishes the rest. Anjali compliments Shyam. He manages to fool her with his lovely sweet talks. Khushi feels Arnav isn’t around. She goes to present the sweets. Shyam tells Anjali that he loves her a lot. She feels lucky to have him in her life. Khushi fails to see him with Anjali. Shyam is also unaware of Khushi’s presence in Raizada house. Khushi hides from Arnav.

She misses to see Anjali and Shyam’s huge picture. Khushi enters his room and finds his coming there again. She hides inside the cupboard. Arnav gets a shock to find Khushi hiding in his cupboard. Anjali and Nani meet Payal. They learn that Khushi has got the contract to deliver the sweets for the party. Anjali introduces Payal to Nani. Nani is impressed with Payal’s simplicity. Nani likes the sweets.

Payal praises Khushi’s hard work. Khushi gets caught by Arnav. He demands to know why she has come to his house. Khushi runs out of his room without giving him any answer. Khushi greets Anjali and Nani. She wishes Anjali for her marriage anniversary. Manorama wants Anjali to enjoy her day. Anjali tells her about Khushi and Payal attending the party to complete their work. Akash’s wish comes true when he meets Payal. He greets them. He likes Payal a lot. Manorama observes his behavior.

Khushi tells that she has come to deliver the sweets. Arnav looks for Khushi. He wants to know how did she turn up home when she had left for Lucknow. He loses his attention on Lavanya. He asks Anjali about Khushi. Anjali tells him that Khushi is completing the contract for the sweets. Arnav didn’t know that the hotel is passing the order to Khushi. Anjali wants him to subside his anger and enjoy the function. Arnav and Lavanya prepare to attend the guests in the party. Lavanya gets excited.

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