Tanhaiyan Episode 3 Hotstar Haider Meera’s love story

Tanhaiyan Episode 3 Hotstar Haider Meera's love story

Tanhaiyan Episode 3 Hotstar Haider Meera’s love story Meera finds Tanya and others complaining about the water shortage. Vishal tries to fix up things. Rashi asks Meera not to overdrink. Meera tells Tanya about Haider and herself. She doesn’t remember anything. Haider likes to pull her leg. Tanya doesn’t want Meera to take unnecessary tension.

She reveals that Haider had called her at night to help Meera. Haider tells Meera that he will never take advantage of a drunken girl. He doesn’t want Meera to forget anything of the time they spent together. He tells her that she won’t be able to do it. She feels he has challenged her. Haider recalls his brother, whom he had lost. He cries for him. Siddhart asks him not to run away from himself.

He wants Haider to deal with the pain in a mature way. He asks Haider to grow up. Haider doesn’t want to listen to him. Siddhart takes his help. Haider asks him about Avantika. Siddharth tells him about Meera’s background. Haider finds Meera an upset soul. Avantika wants a cool and happening Sangeet. Haider promises her that they will make the Sangeet happening. He tells that they will have two teams competing with dire consequences. Meera doesn’t think she will lose. She accepts Haider’s challenge. She tells him that he is cheap minded.

Haider flirts with her. The teams perform in the Sangeet and compete hard to win. Haider and Meera’s teams turn the Sangeet into a rocking event. Meera faces a wardrobe malfunction during the dance. He rushes to protect her dignity. Meera’s team wins the dance competition. Meera realizes that Haider has lost to her just because of her sake. He congratulates her. Haider and Meera get cornered to romance, but the latter gets hurt on her head. Her injury ruins her romance plans. Meera doesn’t want Haider to tell anyone about their budding relationship. Haider keeps teasing Meera. She advises him not to make her awkward in front of her friends.

They promise each other of not getting drunk on the Cocktails night. Siddhart asks Haider not to hurt Meera. He tells that Meera is an emotional person. He also knows that Haider is soft-hearted, but acts tough.

Source Credits: Hotstar.
Year of Release 2017.
Starring Barun Sobti and Surbhi Jyoti.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Tanhaiyan Episode 3 Hotstar: 4/5
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