Tanhaiyan Finale Episode 8 Haider abandons Meera

Tanhaiyan Finale Episode 8 Haider abandons Meera

Tanhaiyan Finale Episode 8 Haider abandons Meera Haider and Meera come closer. He wants to marry her. She doesn’t want him to hurry so much. She tells him that they should pause for a while, since marriage isn’t necessary. He tells her that he is ready to get committed to her. He asks her why isn’t she willing to marry. He feels she is complicating their relation.

Haider gets upset that she is speaking about love, making vows, but isn’t ready for a relationship. Meera confesses her love again. She tells that she is sure of her feelings. He asks if she is doubting on his love. She tells that she is doubting their life’s sudden turn. She agrees to marry him. She tells him that his love completes her. She wants to know if the time is perfect. She tells him that they should learn to deal with their pain. He tells that he doesn’t want to look behind. They decide to get engaged.

He plans to take her to London to meet his family. He tells that he will marry her when she is ready. Meera plans for her engagement. Avantika wants Siddhart to forgive her. He tells her that she should have not confessed her fling in front of everyone. He tells her that they can’t get married. He breaks his marriage with her. Haider yells at Siddhart for judging Avantika and breaking the relationship. He asks Siddhart to forgive Avantika for her past. Haider unites Siddhart and Avantika. Siddhart apologizes to Avantika and admits that he can’t live without her.

Haider makes an announcement that he is getting engaged to Meera. Haider misses Raza on his engagement day. Meera wears the earrings gifted by Raza’s mother. Haider gets to see her wearing the special earrings. He gets doubtful if Meera is that girl. He wants to confirm the truth. He gets keen to check Raza’s hard drive to know about his lover. He cracks the password by entering Meera’s birth date. Haider receives a huge shock on seeing Meera’s picture. He realizes that Meera had broken Raza’s heart and left him depressed.

He gets heartbroken and feels cheated by her. He calls up Meera from Raza’s phone. When she answers, Haider gets more certain. He never imagined that their past will be connected too. Haider goes away from his house. Vishal informs Siddhart and Meera that Haider isn’t in his room. They look for Haider.

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