IPKKND Shyam critical step Anjali brings Khushi home

IPKKND Shyam critical step Anjali brings Khushi home

IPKKND Shyam critical step Anjali brings Khushi home Shyam tells Khushi that he will pay her the money to get her free from Anjali and Arnav. Bua ji gets happy that Shyam is eager to help Khushi. She asks Khushi to take help from Shyam and forget about Raizadas. Shyam tells Khushi that he will arrange the money, he doesn’t want her to go to Raizadas again. He tries hard to convince her. Khushi gets into a dilemma. He acts hurt to get Khushi’s attention.

Khushi worries for him, which pleases him. She looks after him. Shyam asks her to regard him as her friend. He knows the value of money in one’s life. He asks her to accept his help by considering him as family. Bua ji is thankful to Shyam. He tells her that he is going to arrange help and will return soon. Khushi sheds tears. Anjali tells Manorama that Khushi is perfect to train Lavanya, even Arnav stays silent when Khushi is around. She fears that Nani will make Lavanya out of the house and even Arnav will leave.

Manorama imagines her son’s marriage also getting stuck. She asks Anjali to convince Khushi again. Anjali doesn’t want to go back. Khushi is disturbed and thinks of her parents’ problems. She thinks to take Shyam’s help. Anjali tells that she is doing everything for her brother. Shyam meets Anjali and learns the matter. He tells her that compelling Khushi isn’t right, even Arnav won’t be happy with Khushi coming home. He tries to convince her against inviting Khushi home. Anjali is helpless and wants to bring Arnav’s life on track.

Anjali and Manorama try to train Lavanya, but fail. Nani doesn’t like Lavanya. She wants a girl like Khushi, who is perfect in everything. She doesn’t think Lavanya will qualify ever. She praises Khushi. Manorama asks Anjali if she has told Nani about inviting Khushi. Anjali wants to wait for the right time. She is sure that Khushi will accept her offer. Manorama doesn’t think so. Khushi arrives to meet Anjali. Shyam calls Bua ji to know about Khushi. He doesn’t learn that Khushi has gone to meet Raizadas. Anjali gets delighted to meet Khushi.

She is happy that Khushi accepted her offer. Khushi keeps her condition. Anjali accepts all her conditions. Nani is glad to meet Khushi, while Lavanya criticizes the latter. Anjali tells Nani that Khushi has come for a big purpose, she will train Lavanya to become a good Bahu. She knows Nani’s expectations from Lavanya. Nani asks Khushi to train Lavanya. Lavanya doesn’t think that she needs to learn anything from Khushi. Lavanya gets insulting Khushi. She tells that Arnav hates Khushi. Nani asks her to become like Khushi.

Lavanya doesn’t listen and thinks to leave the house. Nani asks Anjali to stop Lavanya. Khushi decides to convince Lavanya. Lavanya calls up Arnav and complains about Anjali’s move. Arnav gets busy in his meeting. He doesn’t learn that Khushi has come home. Khushi asks Lavanya to focus on winning Nani’s heart and then marry Arnav. Lavanya agrees to her.

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